Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, where to buy

Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, where to buy

It’s best if you skip ordering your yellow belly slider turtles online and head to your nearest pet store. It’s a much better option because you’ll be able to see your turtle before you buy it. You can check it for any issues that might arise in the future. Check its eyes, nails, shell, etc for any flaws. By buying your turtle in person instead of online you’ll also be able to talk to them about how much your turtle is eating, what it’s been eating, and what kind of water conditioner they’ve been using as well as calcium blocks. If, and only if, you don’t live near a pet store, and you have to order online, please email me and I will give you a suggestion of who to buy for and who not to buy for based on my experience and that of other turtle owners I know and trust.

I have purchased turtles online and they arrived perfectly happy and healthy but that’s only by a miracle in my opinion. I purchased a male/female pair of turtles on a Thursday, paid a whopping overnight fee, after calling them I was informed they only mail Mon-Wed. The following Monday my turtles were shipped UPS (not overnight) and didn’t arrive until the following Wednesday. I was in a state of panic knowing the stress that the turtles were going through during the long transit. I did order heat packs so I knew they wouldn’t be cold. But still, I would have NEVER purchased my turtles online if I couldn’t have them shipped overnight, with overnight actually meaning, overnight. So again, if you live near a pet store, it’s best to purchase your turtles in person. I don’t happen to live near a pet store but I plan day trips a couple of times a month (or more, lol) to visit PetSmart and Petco to check out their turtles (I’m looking for a specific breed and gender that I plan to buy in the future).

Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, where to buy

If you’re interested in adopting an aquatic turtle (or tortoise), click on my link to see what they’re currently offering if adopting one is an option for you. Please show your love for saving the turtles by becoming a member of the Turtle Rescue League, as I am. You could help save the turtles in your area.

Disclaimer:  This post is not sponsored in any way.  I’m a past and present turtle owner and all thoughts included are from my many years of experience in owning, handling, and loving yellow belly slider turtles.  I’m not an expert on turtle care. 


  1. Turtles are seriously one of the pets I have always wanted. I never really knew how to go about getting one. Awesome advice!

  2. I’ve never adopted or bought turtles before so it’s good to know where to buy and how to take good care of them. I’d love to take note of these tips in case we decide to get one in the future!

  3. We have had red eared sliders and even a snapping turtle. I’ve never had yellow belly sliders, and I am guessing they might vary by location just because people have a bad habit of releasing turtles in the wild (when they aren’t native species).

  4. That is one beautiful turtle! Growing up, we always have a turtles as pets. I miss having one!

  5. Ordering living things online should be against the law. It is such a cruel thing for them. Bless their poor hearts. I’m glad you started going in person to the pet store instead!

  6. Thanks for sharing this information. My son wanted a turtle a couple of years back for christmas. We have to revisit that idea.

  7. My son wanted a turtle for years when he was younger, he would have loved this guy. We arent allowed to buy turtles here in our state.

  8. This blog post reminds me of my childhood. I had a painted turtle for about five years. I really loved him.

  9. We often have turtles in the kids classrooms. They’re low maintenance and the kids really get a kick out of the classroom pet.

  10. I never thought of ordering a pet online before. I guess you really can buy anything you want online, including cute turtles.

  11. Isn’t it so cute, we have wild Eastern Box turtle here. Some times they tried to cross the road (silly huh). They are not snappy type that is why so easy to move them. It is illegal here to keep them and make them as a pet.

  12. My nephew is HUGE into turtles! I don’t think his parents have thought about getting one for him yet (he is 3), but I will share this post with them so they can get the right turtle from the right place and see how to take care go it properly.

  13. Awesome… grandson loves turtles. He is married and has a little girl and they enjoy playing with theirs.

  14. I had a friend who kept turtles and they were so fun to watch from time to time. I’ve never thought about getting one myself though, but perhaps one day!

  15. How awesome! I had a turtle when I was a kid. I’m not sure if we’ll get them now or not. We already have two cats.

  16. Oh, my word! That was a long transit for the turtles, I would have been in a state of panic too! I think I would rather purchase a pet at a store near me than online because of such instances. Turtles are interesting to watch, my neighbour way back owned two.

  17. Now that the kids are all grown and gone we won’t be purchasing the adorable turtle. When they were young I could see them wanting a turtle just like this.

  18. I never knew anyone who adopted a turtle but I don’t think many of my friends knew that it was an option. This turtle is so cute!! I have a few animal-loving friends who would most likely be up for it – a great addition to their pet family.

  19. Aww! I have wanted turtles for years. I begged my parents for a turtle when I was a kid, but no go. One of these days I am going to get a couple for my kids.

  20. Thanks for another great review!

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