Going Undercover: What Is Your Mattress Made Of?

Going Undercover: What Is Your Mattress Made Of?

We spend practically one-third of our lives sleeping! Whatever mattress you’re sleeping on better be comfy!

Over the nights you’ve spent counting sheep have you ever wondered to yourself, what am I even sleeping on? What are mattresses made of?

Okay, maybe not, but it is a good question! And can be especially important if you’re interested in purchasing a new mattress.

We care so much about what fabrics our clothes and sheets are made of, but what lies underneath?

Let’s take a look together at what makes up a mattress.

What Are Mattresses Made of?

There are a couple of different types of mattresses out on the market. First, let’s uncover the basic build of a mattress.

We have the ever loved memory foam. These coil free mattresses are made by tightly stacked layers foam and often covered by some sort of compressing stretch knit fabric.

A spring or an innerspring, mattress is thought of as the more traditional mattress choice. These coil springs provide base support and are topped with a plush cotton fabric to provide comfort.

If you’re not sure what bed you want, go to a trusted mattress store such as The Beloit Mattress Company and test out the mattress you’ll be sleeping on for years to come!

Most Common Materials

Every mattress has a few necessary parts. All mattresses in the United States are required to have flame retardants included in the materials of a mattress. Mattresses also usually have some sort of adhesive to bind the different sections of the mattress together.

Depending on the type of mattress you have or are looking to purchase, you’ll see some of the following common materials.


There are a few different types of foam. Some of the more popular foam choices are gel memory foam, regular memory foam, and polyurethane foam.

Foam has temperature regulation qualities and absorbs any movements. Think the commercial of the lady jumping on the bed with the glass of red wine just a foot away on the mattress.

Steel Coils

Steel coils are present as pocketed coils or open coils that create the sturdy structure of the mattress. They are in innerspring mattresses.


This familiar material is used in and out of the mattress. If there is a plush mattress top on your spring mattress, good chance that it is cotton.

Time To Do Some Digging

Now that you’ve got an inside look at the most common mattress materials, maybe it is time to uncover what your mattress is made of!

Do you have an innerspring mattress? Or did you go with the memory foam? Regardless, now you don’t have to wonder what are mattresses made of.

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, it may be due to the materials not jiving with your body or the fact that it is an old mattress.

Upgrade your mattress and you’ll sleep and feel better. Your back will thank you.

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