3 Tips for Getting Your Customised Bed Just Right

3 Tips for Getting Your Customised Bed Just Right

There are many many advantages to having a bed made specially for you, but only if things are done properly. Otherwise it means a waste of money and time at the very least.

So here are 3 tips for getting things just right. 

Know Your Needs

Understanding what you want out of your sleep setup first is how you’ll get anything right. 

So you want to start by taking a good look at how you sleep. Think about things like your go-to sleeping position, any recurring aches or pains (like that pesky back pain), and whether you tend to run hot or cold at night. Also, consider what materials you prefer in a mattress—like memory foam, latex, or a hybrid mix.

Say you often wake up with lower back pain and tend to snooze on your back. This means you’ll likely want a mattress with medium firmness and some extra support for your lower back to keep your spine aligned. Knowing this lets you include this in the details so that you’re closer to getting your perfect sleep surface.

Communicate Clearly

Chatting openly with the person making your bed is super important. Clear communication means they know exactly what you’re after and can whip up something just right for you. No misunderstandings, no surprises—just a bed that’s really tailored to your needs.

So get into the nitty-gritty of what you want. Tell them your ideal firmness level, any allergies or sensitivities you have to certain materials, and any extra features you’re dreaming of, like an adjustable base or custom size.

Say you’re allergic to latex and wool, two common mattress materials. Be sure to mention this so they can steer clear of those allergens and use hypoallergenic materials instead. 

Test and Adjust

Once your custom bed arrives, it’s time to put it to the test. Sleeping on it for a while lets you really get a feel for it and see if any tweaks are needed. Even with all the planning, there might be some fine-tuning required to get things just right.

You want to pay attention to stuff like pressure relief, how well it dampens movement, and whether you’re staying comfy temperature-wise. If anything feels off or not quite right, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss possible adjustments.

Say your new mattress feels a tad firmer than you expected, and it’s causing some discomfort in your pressure points. No biggie! You can ask for a tweak, like adding a mattress topper or adjusting the firmness layers. By giving feedback and working together with the professionals making your bed, you can dial in your bed just the way you want it for the sweetest dreams ever.

Getting a customized bed can be awesome if it’s what you actually want! So factor in these tips. 

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