Hair Color Services – Basics You Should Know

Hair Color Services - Basics You Should Know

Appearance is everything!

Most times, the first impression people have of you is influenced by how you look. That is how they can tell a cowboy from a formal guy.

Still about appearance, the state of your hair is a major player in how you are perceived. Furthermore, your looks also influence how you perceive yourself.

The article is focused on helping you make the most of your lookswith particular focus on your hair.

To do this, we will unveil a few important facts about it.

What Is it about Hair Colors?

A lot of folks may not really understand what all the fuzz is about hair color. Most times, people conclude that there are specific kinds of hair colors that an individual’s hair can be. 

This is not outrightly wrong. However, when artificial coloring is involved, there is practically an infinite list of possibilities. This is considering that there are many shades available. For example, saying one is blonde is very ambiguous. There are myriads of blonde shade it could be.

You can learn more from this video here:

Who Can Provide Hair Coloring Services?

It is rather ironic how many people think this kind of coloring is a stroll in the park. As a result, they usually go the DIY route.

Just a candid piece of advice for you; never trust the transformation of your hair to someone who is not trained. That includes you.

It is a particularly important part of your body for a couple of reasons. First, it is a very obvious part. If anything goes wrong with it, it becomes common knowledge sooner than you can imagine.

Secondly, there are hard-to-rectify damages that can be done to it. This is quite common when the coloring process goes south. Considering this, make sure the process is entrusted into the hands of the right person.

Undergoing Professional Hair Coloring – How Long Does It Take?

This is another area where many people need to know the truth. Hair coloring is serious business. It should be done with absolute care and precision.

As a result, you should not expect a 5-minute magic when you seek professional services. It is strongly suggested that you schedule about 3 – 6 hours for the entire procedure.

If done appropriately, the time spent will be worth your while considering that it will serve you for a while. Thankfully, there are top-quality salons that offer such services. For example, folks who have experienced hair color services at TNDS and other professional salons at that level always share their remarkable experience.

The variance in the time given above is to give room for various kinds of hair conditions and style expected.

Kinds of Coloring Techniques

Hair Color Services

First things first, there are many techniques that can be used. There are so much that we cannot address every one of them in this article.

We will however focus on briefly discussing some of them here. These will be the most common techniques that are in high demand among people who frequent coloring salons.

The techniques we will be discussing are listed below.


First, you should understand that this technique appears to always be in style. In the world of hair coloring, techniques come and go. However, this one seems to have broken the trend. So, what is highlight?

Although it makes use of dye, it maximizes your natural shade as well. With highlight, you have an astonishing blend of natural and artificial colors.

As a piece of advice from a professional stance, this technique suites people who are just starting with the coloring process.


Many people confuse this technique for another: dip dye. This is as a result of its look. It unfolds in a shadowing manner. The base of the hair is darker and transforms eventually to a lighter shade. This technique is usually very pronounced given the use of two colors.

A little piece of advice. If you will opt for this color technique, seek your professional’s advice on color blend.


Here, artificial coloring is applied in layers. This technique precisely works with the brown and blonde shade.


This technique is also like ombre. However, it takes a softer approach. The choice of the two colors is largely influenced by your natural shade. How is this?

Your choice of color will be slightly similar to your natural shade. Eventually, the chosen color is applied from the mid-portion of your hair.

As stated earlier, it is similar to ombre but it is softer, as it is largely determined by your natural shade.


There is one way to validate that this is an amazing color technique; simply observe the number of high-profile celebrities that have had it. So, what is the fuss about this coloring alternative?

The beauty of this coloring style is down to two things: your desire and the quality of coloring service carried out the job. This is because balayage is not rigid and allows for creativity.

It offers that natural finish as you determine the thickness or lightness of the shade. You can learn more about the balayage style here.


Frankly, there is so much to professional hair coloring. It is way more than just using a couple of dyes.

In this article, some of the more common coloring methods were discussed. We explained the skill required and why you should only trust you’re the job to a professional.

With these in mind, you can go give yourself a hair makeover.

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