Benefits of Synthetic Turf over real grass

Benefits of Synthetic Turf over real grass

If you’ve ever sighed as you run the lawnmower across the grass, wishing there was an easier way, you’re not alone. It’s a time-consuming task that often seems pointless as the grass simply grows back. 

It’s the reason why many people consider using artificial grass instead. After all, synthetic turf never needs cutting!

In fact, there are several benefits to having synthetic turf:

Lack Of Maintenance

This is potentially the biggest benefit of all. The average Australian mows their lawn twice a month, this can add up to between 2-10 hours, depending on the size of your grass area. That’s not the only maintenance, you’ll also have to add grass seed to bare patches, water during extremely dry weather, and make sure the weeds stay away.

It can add up to a sizeable amount of time which is time you could be spending with the family.

Lack Of Puddles

When synthetic turf is laid properly the ground is rolled and smoothed before the turf is laid. This means there are no unexpected dips where water can collect and form a puddle, which is often an issue for natural grass lawns. 

This won’t just make it nicer walking on the grass, it will also ensure all water drains away from your home.

No Staining

Grass stains are a sign that children are enjoying themselves but, they are also difficult to remove from clothing, which can make them an expensive pastime.

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue when you have artificial grass. Your children can slide across it as much as they like and their clothes or legs won’t get stained!

Drought Proof

As summer continues it is common for the government to place restrictions on water usage, this can include watering the grass. In a short space of time, it will look patchy and burnt. Foot traffic can also cause extensive damage.

Synthetic turf doesn’t need to be watered to stay looking good, eliminating the dilemma of what to do during a drought.


All sorts of creatures and bacteria can hide in the grass waiting to climb on you or your children. But, this isn’t an issue if you have artificial grass. Synthetic turf is treated with anti-bacterial that prevents this from being an issue.

Combine this with the fact that you don’t need to use weed killers, fertilizers, or any other products on your lawn and you have a significantly safer play area for your children.

Shady or Sunny

Grass that spends all is time in the shade will fade and die as it doesn’t have the direct sunlight it needs. Equally, it can get too much sunlight and die. Both create problems regarding patches of damaged grass that need to be treated, replace, and resolved.

This isn’t an issue with synthetic grass, providing you lay it properly at the start it will simply sit there, looking good, and being easy to use whenever you want to.

In fact, once you start thinking about the benefits of synthetic grass you’ll wonder why you didn’t fit it earlier.

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