Tips and Hacks for Correctly Applying Tanning Cosmetics

Tips and Hacks for Correctly Applying Tanning Cosmetics

Tanning does so much to boost people’s confidence levels, and in turn, make them more attractive. There are several ways to achieve a tanned look, including sitting out in the sun. Most people wait till summer to tan, but with self-tanning products, you can keep that golden hue all year round. Moreover, you get to avoid the risk of sunburn or uneven tanning associated with sitting out in the sun. Despite the ease of using tanning products, many people still get it wrong, which often leads to unpleasant results.

How to Self-Tan the Right Way

There are many tips and tricks available when it comes to applying tanning cosmetics. Most times, the self-tanning products themselves have specific instructions. Here are the surest ways to get it right.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, thus giving a smooth tanning result. Use a washcloth or exfoliating cream and pay close attention to the thickest areas of your skin.

  • Dry your skin

You should apply tanning products to dry skin. Otherwise, the product will end up diluted. Remember to pay close attention to the knees and elbows.

  • Apply in sections

As with every skincare product, apply your tanning product in sections, massaging in circular motions for evenness. To avoid orange palms, rinse your hands with soap after every section.

  • Pay close attention to your wrists and ankles

Make sure to blend the product at your wrists and ankles for a natural look. You do not want any pale patches.

  • Dilute at the joints

The elbows and knees absorb more product than other parts of the body, so ensure that you dilute the tanning solution in these areas. You can do this by wiping the sections down with a damp cloth or applying a thin layer of lotion over the tanner.

  • Allow time to dry

After applying a tanning product, allow at least ten minutes before dressing. Additionally, it is advisable that you dress in loose-fitting clothes and avoid sweating three hours after application.

  • Don’t forget about sunscreen

Although you have tanning products on, your skin still requires protection from the sun’s UV rays. Ensure to apply sunscreen daily.

Common Mistakes People Make When Using Tanning Cosmetics

By learning from these common mistakes people make, you’ll avoid nasty fake-looking tans:

  • Choosing the wrong shade

It is essential to consider your skin tone and the effect you want before getting self-tanners. This will help in picking the right shade and avoiding terrible results. The aim is for a self-tan to look as natural as possible.

  • Failure to exfoliate

Tanning products only lay on the outer layer of the skin. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin and helps with the longevity of the tan.

  • Failure to moisturize

As mentioned, a tan must be as even as possible. Patches of dry skin can hinder a smooth tanning result. Ensure to moisturize before any tanning session.

  • Getting your tan wet

Don’t get your new tan wet too quickly. Allocate enough time for your tan to dry every time.

Enjoy Your Tan Every Time

With the tips provided, getting a natural-looking glow every single time you use tanning cosmetics is a guarantee. Look out – a confident new you is right around the corner!

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