When you interact with someone, their focus is on your face, so it’s not farfetched to assume that the glasses you wear contribute to the image you project to others. Some eyeglasses can make you look sophisticated and professional, while others can make you appear casual and cool rather than serious. Even more, the right eyeglasses can compliment your most beautiful features, while the wrong eyeglasses can mask the beauty of your eyes and make your look dull. This is why it’s important to find a pair that perfectly fits your face, your style, and your personality. 

Here are some top things to remember when buying eyeglasses so you can make the right purchase. 

The Frames Should Suit Your Face Shape 

Even if you love a pair of glasses that you’ve seen on a friend or a model, it’s not guaranteed that the same glasses will also look good on you. That’s because people have different face shapes. When picking eyeglasses, choose frames that contrast the shape of your face. This is the top rule for making a great choice. If you have rounder features or a round face, pick angular or square-shaped eyeglass frames. They’ll balance your features nicely. If you have more angular features, you want eyeglasses that can soften your look. Both oval and round frames can make your face look thinner. 

The Eyeglasses Should Stay Firm on Your Face

Your new eyeglasses must fit your face perfectly well so you won’t have to rearrange them every minute or have them slip to the tip of your nose when you’re looking down or running. If you struggle to find glasses that stay firm on your nose, try low bridge glasses. This type of glasses is excellent for people with a low nose bridge or high cheekbones. So, before making your purchase, take a few minutes to analyze your features closely in the mirror. Also, remember that eyeglasses should be in proportion to your face. This is different from sunglasses, which are typically large because they’re meant to cover and protect as much of your face as possible. 

Consider Your Lifestyle 

Before picking eyeglasses, think about where you are going to wear them. Do you need eyeglasses for office work? Then you need to look professional, so choose conservative frames in dark colors. Are you an active person who spends a lot of time outdoors doing sports? Then you want flexible, casual-looking frames that don’t break easily. If you value your personal style a lot, it can be a good idea to have more than one set of frames, so you can look your best for each different occasion. 

Putting eyeglasses on can have a significant impact on your appearance. So, take the time to choose a pair that fits you well aesthetically and practically. Picking the right eyeglasses is more about finding the design that best compliments your unique features rather than following the latest trends and styles. By choosing well, you can also emphasize your best personality trait. Whether you have an intellectual lean, or a funky, colorful mind, your eyeglasses can reflect that.