Helpful Tips to Choose an Ideal West Chester Orthopedic Surgeon

Helpful Tips to Choose an Ideal West Chester Orthopedic Surgeon

When you decide to consult an orthopedic surgeon, it is a feeling of relief as well as a cause of nervousness. Most probably, your family doctor has recommended approaching an orthopedic surgeon and you may be concerned about finding a reliable West Chester orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Ronald Hess.

Tips to Find an Ideal Orthopedic Surgeon:

Get Referrals

Recommendations from trusted sources like your physician, family, friends, colleagues, and physical therapist are useful. Ask each of them for their opinion on which Urgent Orthopedic Care providers they have had the best experience with. Research and narrow the list and make and make an appointment to meet them face to face.

Research Orthopedic Surgeon’s Credentials

While selecting an orthopedic surgeon, board certification is crucial. It conveys that the potential doctor has the required training, skills as well as experience for offering orthopedic care. It even verifies that the orthopedic surgeon does not have disciplinary action or malpractice claim history. The potential West Chester orthopedic surgeon’s credentials and malpractice history can be seen on the state website and 


A more experienced orthopedic surgeon is a better option for treating complex orthopedic issues. If you are aware that the specific procedure is needed for your particular condition, ask if they treated such cases. Even find out the complication rates the doctor has encountered. Ask about your risk of complications.

Read Patient’s Reviews

Reading reviews from past patients gives an idea about how the surgeon interacts and works. Generally, the reviews may be mostly about the experience with making an appointment, office environment, waiting time, and office ambiance. You even get to know how much the patients trust their surgeon, how much time he/she spends with patients, and more. 

Research Hospital Care Quality

Consider the care quality given at the West Chester hospital, where the orthopedic performs the surgery. Hospital quality matters because patients taking treatment at top-rated hospitals struggle with few complications and great survival rates. Even consider the location of the hospital because post orthopedic procedure you will need frequent follow-ups and rehab visits. Therefore, choose a convenient location. 

Do You Feel Comfortable?

When you meet the doctor, ask questions and see the response. Does the surgeon listen to your concerns and respond clearly? Do you feel engaged or rushed in the first meeting? You must feel comfy while talking as well as the doctor needs to show interest and get to know you better. It is he who will consider your treatment partialities as well as respect your decision.

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