Here’s the Best Way Women Can Find Eligible Single Men Online

Best Places for Women to Find Eligible Men

Meeting through common acquaintances or late at night when having fun at the bar are no longer the only options to find love. The number of online dating sites has significantly increased over the past few years, making it easy for single women to find eligible single men online. 

With that said, some sites are reliable while others are not. So, if you’re seeking a serious relationship or a bachelor to have fun, safety should be your priority. But which are the best dating sites? What may be great for someone else, others may hate. 

The choice you make is based on your preferences. Read on to know the best online dating sites where women can find eligible single men.

Best Places for Women to Find Eligible Men


Bumble is a great online dating site reputable for helping single women find eligible single men. So, if you’re tired of being harassed by creepy guys, this is the right site for you. You should swipe left if you don’t like the person and right if you like them. 

Bumble eliminates any dead matches and allows voice messaging and GIFs. Women are expected to make moves, and the site will identify serious matches for you.


eHarmony is a great online dating website for women who are looking to get married, says Cision Global. Its high success rate is proof enough that you will find a bachelor ready to smother you. 

The site is user-friendly and contains a questionnaire that analyses your dislikes, behaviors, likes, lifestyle, and more to help you know what you are looking for in a man. It makes it easy to identify men who match your personality.


Match contains a modern user base, tested and tried features and algorithms to identify eligible single men. It has the option of including your personality in your profile and safety features designed for emergency communication. 

Free users can identify their top picks and talk to them within the free three-day trial period, after which you are expected to pay for the service.


EliteSingles is an ideal online dating site for women who have demanding jobs and hectic schedules. The site is specifically designed to help educated professionals to mingle and connect with bachelors amid their busy lifestyles. The site makes dating simple. 

EliteSingles personality test is designed for users to better understand what they want in a man. You can speak your money and love language here with a more mature user base. There are minimal chances of getting catfished on this dating site. The recent updates make the questionnaire fun to go through.


AdultFriendFinder is a site that can help you find eligible single men who are willing to be more than friends. It is the perfect place to find bachelors who are ready for a fling or something casual. The site is designed to provide women with a hassle-free, quick, and simple dating experience. 

You can make your profile detailed or protected as you wish with options to include your sexuality, physical description, location, and more. 

AdultFriendFinder is ideal for women who are into hookup and casual dating.


Tinder is among the most famous hookup sites, with over 26 million matches every day. The staggering success rate means that you can find any relationship you want, whether casual or serious. 

Tinder has a great social media vibe, massive user base, and sexual orientation indicators. The unique tinder passport feature with Gold and Plus memberships makes it easy for women to meet men across borders.


Hinge is a modern go-to app for young women who are looking to get off dating apps. The app is designed to be deleted and introduces the best people for you based on your personality. 

It’s available only on the phone and not on a laptop or desktop. You get to identify potential bachelors through their unique answers to personal information such as politics, height, and religion. 

When a person comments or likes your profile, you can exchange phone numbers for more mature and detailed conversations. The app has limited scrolling and a rapidly growing user base with high statistics for second dates. 


OkCupid is a great online dating app for women to find eligible single men online based on what they love and who they are. It highlights what is special and unique about you and identifies a bachelor near you. 

The OkCupid’s Tumblr-esque design is modern and fun to navigate. The site has a dedicated space in bio for your preferred pronouns. The app is free. Go through the profiles and reach out to the person you’re interested in.

Facebook dating

Facebook has a dating app known as You create a dating profile that those outside the dating app cannot see. It is a private way of finding a bachelor online without your family and friends knowing about it. The Facebook dating app is available only on the phone and is completely free.


Jigsaw is an online dating app known for putting personality first. You have to know a bachelor well before you can see their face. It is ideal for those who love mystery because it focuses on personality. 

You will have more substantial conversations before deciding if you want to see the person. It is a platform that encourages people to interact without any physical judgment.


SilverSingles is best for women who are 50 and above. Just because someone is older does not mean they don’t deserve a chance at love and romance. The site makes it convenient for older women to find eligible bachelors. 

It is easy and clear to navigate and does not have unreliable age filters. It also has an age-specific option for those who don’t want to waste time swiping. SilverSingles is the right platform for older women to meet single men who match their preferences, age, and personality.


There have been major advancements in online dating apps because they have been around for a long time. But as a woman, your safety needs to be on top of your priority when meeting single men from these sites. 

Before picking the right person, you need to ensure that the platform is safe by scrolling ahead to find more information about the site. Avoid dating apps that are not certified.

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