Super Clean Back To School and Travel Necessities

Super Clean Back To School and Travel Necessities

Things have been a little slow on my site lately as I’ve been under the weather. Which has reminded me how important it is that I take along products that will help keep me germ-free as I prepare to travel some this fall.  I’ve had my vaccinations and I plan to visit places that practice mask-wearing and social distancing.

I’ve been stocking up on hand sanitizers and hand soaps all ready for back to school so I just got a little extra for travel as well.

I’m fully prepared for anything due to some products I found on  I selected this set specifically because it offers everything I need for travel and for home use as well.

Super Clean Back To School and Travel Necessities

Included in the Super Clean Made in the USA bundle is:

  1. SuperCleanAF Citrus Hand Sanitizer – 72% Alcohol
  2. SuperCleanAF Citrus Antibacterial Hand Soap
  3. Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray – Ruby Grapefruit
  4. Everyone Lotion – Coconut and Lemon
  5. Everyone Foaming Hand Soap – Lavender Coconut
  6. Everyone Foaming Hand Soap – Spearmint Lemon
  7. Eco 100% Cotton 3 ply Face Mask – Made in the USA

Because I have been ill, I’ve been ordering everything I need online and skipping the stores as much as possible. I’ve been using the foaming soaps after handling all of the extra mail packages.

As I try to gain my strength back, I wanted to continue my series showing what I’ve gotten for my upcoming camping, glamping, and travel trips. I’m hoping it will inspire you to get out this fall and enjoy nature and rejoice that you’ve survived one of the toughest times in American history.

Even if you decide to stay home, these products are a great choice for keeping you safe, your kids safe as they return back to school, and for college dorms.

Do you have kids in school or do you plan to do any fall traveling?

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