How Being a Good Neighbor Benefits Your Kids

How Being a Good Neighbor Benefits Your Kids

Many communities feel as if they’ve strayed from the idyllic past where neighbors truly supported each other. If you feel like this is the case in your community, it’s time to initiate positive change in your own neighborhood.

Setting an example for how your neighbors should treat each other benefits your entire community. It also models to your children how they can become leaders of instilling positive change.

It Teaches Your Kids Responsibility

The easiest way to teach your kids some responsibility is to show them the benefits of getting involved in your community. Activities such as community cleanups improve your local environment and teach your kids to take responsibility in improving their neighborhood.

An easy way to build positive associations with community responsibility for your kids is to make it fun! A community cleanup that is structured as a scavenger hunt is more likely to appeal to kids of all ages. 

Community Cleanup Scavenger Hunt

It Sets an Example about Teamwork

Getting your kids involved in their community also shows them the importance of working together to achieve common goals. While getting your kids involved in organizing a community cleanup teaches them to take on a bit of responsibility, they can’t execute that cleanup without the help of your neighborhood.

Learning about community involvement and being a good neighbor promotes positive social skills that will help your kids in their future endeavors. It shows them when to take charge and when to seek others’ help with the added bonus of bringing your community together.

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