How Can You Make an Overlooked Garden More Private?

How Can You Make an Overlooked Garden More Private?

With spring and summer around the corner, most of us are itching to get back out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. But if your garden is very overlooked it can be a little off putting, since the garden is really an extension of the home environment, privacy is very important to all of us. Here are some of the ways you can go about achieving this. 

Put up fences

If you currently have low fences then fitting a six foot variety will give you plenty of privacy. You can even buy trellises to put along the top to add more height if needed while still keeping the fence looking nice. You can buy stakes and timber from a timber merchant if you’re a keen DIYer, there’s more information on how to go about this kind of project online. You could buy fence panels, or have a company come out and do everything for you. 

Utilise ‘blind spots’

If your garden is overlooked from above, you might find there are some areas that are naturally in a bit of a ‘blind spot’ and therefore give you more privacy. Use these areas to create things like sunbathing areas or your patio where you’ll sit and eat. 

Get a gazebo

A gazebo is a fantastic, stylish way to give yourself privacy in the garden. It gives you shade too, and if you add lots of pots and climbing plants it will feel like part of nature rather than just a separate outside seating area. Another option would be to invest in pull out sun shade on the outside of your home, if it’s drizzly or too sunny it can be pulled out and will give you shade as well as privacy. 

Plant trees

Trees look fantastic in the garden, they bring life and foliage and are great at giving you privacy. One thing you really do need to get right is the location, as once they’re planted you’re not able to just pull them up and replant like you can do with many kinds of flowers and shrubs. One issue lots of people have is they plant trees too close to their home which can block light and cause problems with roots breaking up the foundations over time. Make sure trees are well away from buildings for this reason. If you’re overlooked at the bottom of your garden, planting trees along the bottom border near to the fence would be your best bet. Purchase a fast growing variety, or spend a little more buying a larger tree that’s been grown in a pot- that way you can put it straight in and enjoy the privacy immediately. Another thing to consider with trees and privacy is the type of tree you buy. If you’re only bothered about privacy during the spring and summer when you’re actually sat outside then just about any variety will work. If you want privacy all year long then you need an evergreen which isn’t going to shed its leaves.

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