How to Be a Cool (and Good) Mum to Your Teen

How to Be a Cool (and Good) Mum to Your Teen

Most mothers aspire to be a cool parent – one that their child regards as a friend as well as a mother. To be a cool parent, you must be motivated by your child’s well-being rather than your own. A cool mother is a self-assured parent. You cannot be cool if you try too hard or give in to everything to make the teens happy. It’s about appreciating your child’s differences while still understanding your non-negotiables. It’s about making decisions that you know are best for you and your child. 

Do It Your Way

It’s about raising your child, not about your reputation, to be the cool mum. Being the cool mum may bring you anguish or raise the brows of other parents, but you realise that your primary aim is to nurture a child, not to please other mothers. When it comes to uncomfortable topics regarding sex, drugs, and relationships, you must be open and non-judgmental. Knowing what hobbies your child has and participating in these activities with them is a fantastic approach to earn their respect while also getting to know them better. 

Perhaps your child has shown an interest in vaping. It’s still a newish trend that may still require some research and this could be a great bonding exercise. Look into the pros and cons together. Then if you both decide it is something worth trying, why not be adventurous and experiment together? At you can find high-quality products for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Your child will appreciate you showing an interest in their hobbies, which will provide you with more topics to discuss. Even if you don’t participate with your child, you can still assist them in making good choices and ask them questions about it.

Choose Your Battles

It’s good to want to be your child’s buddy, but you should always remember that you are their mother first. Children admire parents who set clear limits and say no.  It demonstrates that you love and care about your child’s safety. However, if you want to be the cool mum, the boundary lines should be about important matters rather than minor details.

A child is expected to be silly yet mature at the same time. Because the risks are low, now is the best time to try out wacky makeup and coloured hair. Who cares what Mrs Jones across the road might say or the looks they may get in the supermarket?

As your child gets older, your boundaries may need to be loosened. You should be willing to trust them to make their own decisions. Allow them to make stupid mistakes with modest stakes while you are watching over them. You’ll be able to discuss it later, help them sort through their emotions, and learn from the experience. Modify the default “No” to “Why not?” and you’ll be on your way to becoming a cool parent.

Just Listen

Listening to your child is one of the most critical components of being a cool parent. When your child confides in you about an issue, you owe it to them to give them your full attention. They must know that you’ll always be there for them, whether they have a problem or just need someone to talk to. Most times, your child just wants to talk and not receive advice or your stories about when you were a teen. Being a cool parent requires you to keep your mouth shut, control your responses, and let the discussion flow.

Being a cool mum all boils down to being patient, understanding, and loving. Earn your child’s respect by being there for them, when they need you, and when they think they don’t. 

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