How parents worried about the behaviour of their child can receive the best assistance

How parents worried about the behaviour of their child can receive the best assistance

Mums who go through pregnancy knowing that their baby is growing inside right through to birth creates an attachment that those without children will never fully understand, while dads also play their part as they offer support. Making plans for their infant are special moments that should be cherished for years to come, along with watching those initial steps being taken and hearing the first words that a child utters.

However, it can also be stressful. It’s natural for any mother or father to be anxious that they are getting things right, but especially when they feel that there is something to be worried about. If a child’s behaviour is causing concern, then the first step is to have them diagnosed. This should be followed by speaking to professionals in early intensive behavioural intervention who can provide the best programs for treatment.

The dedicated team understands all the concerns and how to correct issues. The programs can be delivered by a small team of practitioners either at home, at a clinic, or preschool, with each one being overseen by a program manager. Sometimes an independent therapist may be involved with the program which can consist of anything between 12 and 25 hours a week.

Goals are set for the development of the individual child, which will be monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure it is going to plan. Parent coaching is also provided so that they can get fully involved and assist their loved one through a meeting every fortnight. They may wish to also take tips on how to keep a garden clean and tidy each day providing a welcome respite. 

The programs follow core principles which are tried and tested and proven to be successful. Those administering them realise that behaviour is a product of its environment, which is where the parent coaching becomes invaluable. Because behaviour is strengthened or weakened by its consequences and it responds better to positive rather than negative consequences, this is taught and encouraged, as is the understanding that before any change occurs, good behaviours are required to be reinforced, or bad ones disciplined so the child learns that what they are doing is wrong.

Those who deliver the programs ensure that barriers that reduce learning such as reduced motivation are removed. Strategies are promoted that go on to see pro-social behaviour being adopted, as well as removing barriers that prevent children from accessing support or engaging with others within the community because of their behaviour. Some relaxing family fun in parks and playgrounds of Olympic legacy can be a nice way to spend quality time together and help alongside the program.

The EIBI programs can also be of great benefit to those with autism, with the pro-social behaviours that build rapport through motivation, teach autonomy and choice. The approach taken by the experts sees autistic children improving their focus and develop their language skills through promoting play.

Any parents concerned about the behaviour of their child should seek the professional help on offer that delivers the best results.

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