The Look and Durability of Cast Concrete Home Furnishings

The Look and Durability of Cast Concrete Home Furnishings

Modern, chic, sleek, and industrial. These are the words today’s homeowners are using to describe their ideal dream home, condo, or apartment. To accomplish the modern look of today, designers are using unique shapes, colors, and materials in their interior designs.

One innovative way to modernize your home or apartment is with concrete home furnishings. Concrete offers a mellow earthy color that pairs well with almost any color and material. It’s also durable and versatile allowing you to enjoy it for years and years.

You may have noticed more condos, apartments, and offices are taking advantage of the concrete floors and walls as they restore old buildings. They offer a timeless, industrial, and contemporary style. Concrete also fits anyone’s tastes and decor.

The best part is that concrete is affordable. In some cases, you can build your own concrete home furnishings to accent your home. Check out how cast concrete home furnishings can add to the look of your home.

What are Concrete Home Furnishings?

Home furnishings are a mix of furniture, decor, and fixtures. They include items such as countertops, seating, shelves, and showers, to name a few.

Concrete home furnishings include all of the same things. The only difference is these furnishings use concrete as the main material. You can replace wood, granite, carpet, or whatever material is common on a particular furnishing with cement.

If you’re not familiar with concrete furnishings, the idea of having concrete floors or a concrete table may weird you out. A little polishing, however, can make a cast concrete piece look absolutely stunning.

The Pros of Cast Concrete Furnishings

Looking good is only one of the many benefits of using concrete for your home furnishings. Did you know concrete offers these pros as well?

  • Durable
  • Versatile Uses
  • Affordable
  • Recyclable
  • Make your own furnishings
  • Make your own decor
  • Long-lasting
  • Contemporary
  • Fits into any style
  • Easy to clean
  • Texture & pattern possibilities

Concrete offers more benefits than most traditional furnishing materials.

The Cons of Cast Concrete

There are many great benefits to choosing cast concrete furnishings. However, there are a few drawbacks to using cast concrete furnishings.

  • Concrete is heavy
  • Not comfortable for relaxing
  • Concrete gets cold
  • Can absorb moisture if not sealed
  • Can crack

Before you begin investing in cast concrete home furnishings, you should make sure your home or apartment can support the weight. Those who plan to use concrete in their bathroom or kitchen should consider a sealant to prevent cracks or other damage.

You can make almost anything into a cast concrete home furnishing. Here’s a look at some popular items that look even better made from cast concrete.

Creative Concrete Home Furnishing Ideas

Have you wondered what you can use concrete for in your home? The good looks and versatility of concrete will surprise you. Learn how you can use concrete to add some zest to your home or apartment.

Concrete Tables

Do you want a striking coffee or dining table in your home? Concrete tables can offer a granite-looking appearance, particularly when polished. If you’re looking for a particular style, you can order a custom-made table for far less than granite or other stone.

You can find concrete tables available for sale in many different sizes and shapes. Whether you want a wide tabletop or a narrow one, there are many options available to fit your needs.

Concrete Floors & Walls

Are you remodeling your home, condo, or apartment building? If so, it’s possible your home has concrete somewhere on the walls or floors. Many old warehouses use concrete during a renovation.

Concrete walls and floors are trending in today’s interior design. Creative individuals can use colored resin epoxy to create a truly artistic floor and pattern. Polish concrete to make it look sleek and visually appealing.

For those who are renovating a kitchen or bathroom, consider adding textured concrete instead of tile. You and your contractor can create any textured design or pattern in the concrete.

Cast Concrete Furniture

A lesser-known concrete home furnishing is concrete furniture. It may sound uncomfortable to sit or lay in a chair made of concrete but pair it with cushions and throw pillows to make it attractive and comfortable.

Like tables, cast concrete furniture can come in a variety of shapes and styles. The introduction of GFRC or glass-fiber reinforced concrete allows designers and engineers to create 3-dimensional complex shapes from thin slabs of concrete. This makes concrete furniture lighter and easier to move.

Don’t like the idea of concrete furniture in your living room? Consider using it for your outdoor patio, deck, or garden. The durability of concrete furniture allows it to withstand most of the elements year-round.

Concrete Sinks, Tubs, & More

Cast concrete makes an excellent material for those looking for an earthy or modern looking kitchen or bathroom. The immense versatility of concrete makes it a good option for bathtubs, showers, and kitchen sinks. If you’re renovating your kitchen, you must check out these concrete sinks.

Freestanding concrete bathtubs will make your bathroom appear more modern and sleek. Don’t need a freestanding bathtub? There are many more beautiful cement bathtub styles you can use anywhere in your bathroom.

Are you more of a shower person? Concrete can transform your shower into an elegant hideaway. It’s warm gray colors and your choice of textures can make it feel like you’re showering under a waterfall.

Concrete Countertops

Granite, quartz, and other stone make kitchen countertops look sophisticated and classy. However, not everyone can or wants to invest in expensive granite countertops.

The solution? Concrete countertops.

Concrete will save you money and give you greater flexibility with countertop design. Like the cement floors mentioned above, you can add a shiny polish or colored resin to give your countertops some zest. You can also have the concrete custom-made for uniquely shaped counters than include shelving or space for seating.

Use thinner lighter slabs of concrete to make your kitchen counters and shelves appear cozier and more rustic. Wider slabs can make a kitchen feel more modern and industrial.

Concrete Shelving

Homes and apartments with concrete walls give you the option to create built-in concrete shelving. This shelving is extremely durable and is a great choice for those who enjoy minimalist interior design.

You can also enjoy freestanding concrete shelving. There are many styles of concrete shelving available. You’ll find shelving made entirely out of concrete and others that mix it metal or wooden legs for a more natural earthy look.

These concrete home furnishings are only a fraction of what’s available. As you hunt around, you’ll find end tables, coffee tables, bowls, and more that use concrete as the primary material.

DIY Concrete Home Furnishings

Feeling crafty? You can make many custom concrete home furnishings. Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks or simply enjoy using your hands, making your own concrete furnishings is fun and cost-efficient.

Before you begin, you will need the following items:

  • Cement mix
  • A cast of whatever you’re making
  • Concrete trowel
  • Portland cement
  • Sanding block & orbital sander
  • Water
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Tub or bucket to mix concrete
  • Wire mesh
  • Additional accessories like wood, drills, or metal for table legs

Concrete Potting Boxes

Make your potting boxes long-lasting by making them yourself. Use old laminate or veneer cabinetry and rigid installation to create a mold for your concrete. After the cement cures, peel or break the cast off to reveal your new potting box.

You can choose to leave it as is or polish it to make it a work of art!

Concrete Vases

If you have old glass or plastic bottles sitting in your recycling, reuse them to create earthy-looking floral vases. Mix and pour your cement into the bottle and place a long candle or another long item to keep an opening.

Once cured, you can cut or break the bottle off of your cement vase and remove the candle. Use a sander to smooth out any jagged areas and voila! You have a beautiful piece of decor.

Concrete Stools

Concrete stools are rustic and surprisingly easy to make. You’ll need a circular bucket to mix and pour a short layer of cement in. As it begins to cure, add 3 wooden dowels or another material to use for the stool’s legs.

After the concrete cures, you can carefully pull the concrete out of the bucket or cut the bucket apart. You’ll have a cute stool you can impress your friends and family with.

Concrete Patio Furniture

Do you want to transform your plastic bargain patio chairs into sleek concrete outdoor furniture? Use hollowed plastic furniture as a cast for your concrete. You can also use large buckets, barrels, and more to create outdoor tables, bins, and more.

Only your imagination and casting options will limit your ability to make creative outdoor furniture.

Give Concrete Furnishings a Try

If you’re looking for ways to add some style to your home, look no further than these affordable and great-looking concrete home furnishings. Flex your creative side by making furnishings and decorating them with polish or colored resin. Concrete is such a versatile material and is sure to match with any style you’re going for.

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