How to Correctly Pack Antique Furniture


How to Correctly Pack Antique Furniture

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If your home is full of valuable antiques, you will no doubt be very proud of your collection, and when it comes to moving, ensuring your antique pieces do not get damaged is always a concern. It is bad enough to chip a regular chair or table, but if it happens to be a Victorian chair, repair would be very costly. If your antique collection is soon to be relocated, here are a few essential tips on safe packing.

  • The Right Supplies – It is essential to stock up with the right supplies prior to the move itself. You will need bubble wrap, which is perfect for protecting upholstery, and don’t forget corner protectors (they can be found in art stores) as corners are susceptible to knocks. Rolls of tape, thick blankets and special packing boxes are also recommended, which will protect the delicate items when they are in transit. Microfibre cloth is ideal for cleaning the items prior to packing, so make sure you have an ample supply.

How to Correctly Pack Antique Furniture

Image Source: Pixabay

  • Take an Inventory – Prior to any packing, make a list of the antiques to be included in the move. This will allow you to calculate the amount of packing materials needed to cover everything. Items such as antique wooden chairs with arms, for example, will need extra special care and are best protected by wrapping bubble wrap around the arms before draping a thick blanket over the packed item.
  • Have the Items Appraised – If you are leaving the moving to a removal company, you should have each item valued, in case any are damaged, and you will know the value. If you are handling the move yourself, having the pieces valued is not so important. The removal company would be fully insured against any damage, something you should clarify before the work begins.
  • Packing Smaller Antiques – Each piece should be cleaned with microfibre cloth prior to packing, and try to find a solid box that is a suitable size for each piece. You might want to pack out the box with bubble wrap, to ensure the item does not move inside the box. Glass items should be carefully wrapped in bubble plastic to ensure they do not come into contact with a hard surface and they should be placed inside a solid container.

How to Correctly Pack Antique Furniture

Image Source: Pexels

  • Packing Larger Items – Disassemble what you can; drawers can be removed and wrapped individually, while making sure to protect delicate corners with special corner protectors. Do not take anything apart if it is fragile, as this might cause extensive damage, and if in doubt, pack the item as a single unit. Do NOT place plastic packing directly onto the furniture surface, rather cover the item with a blanket before using plastic, as contact with plastic could cause condensation, which might affect the delicate finish.

It is essential that the removal company are informed which packages contain antiques, while you might prefer to transport smaller pieces yourself, and with their expertise and correct labelling, the larger items will be securely tied down while in transit.

One cannot afford to take any chances when transporting valuable antiques, and by taking all of the above into account, the move should be trouble-fre

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  1. I wish I would have read this sooner, we recently packed some antiques from my grandmothers home last month. I love the idea of putting a bed sheet down before the plastic wrap. Thankfully noting got destroyed during our move. I will keep this in mind for next time.

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