How to Create an Office Relocation Plan

Moving an entire office can be a stressful process but with a plan, everything becomes easier. Learn how to make a relocation plan for your office.

Businesses spend anywhere from 2 to 20% of their revenue on commercial rent. While your business revenue can change monthly, the price of your rent stays fixed for the course of your lease.

If you’re looking for a way to cut business expenses, relocating to a cheaper property could help.

The trouble is, relocating an office can quickly turn into an organizational nightmare. You could wind up losing the money you were hoping to save.

Luckily, a relocation plan can save the day. Read on to find out how to make a plan that will make moving your business a stress-free process.

Choose a Point Person and Assemble a Committee

Once you’ve made the decision to move, you should choose someone to act as the point person. You can act as the point person, but if you’re worried about juggling your responsibilities, you can appoint a colleague or a business partner. This person needs good organizational skills and the confidence to make decisions for the business.

If you have a medium to large business, you can put together a committee to help the point person. These people can help get quotes for moving companies, organize spreadsheets, or provide details about the moving plan to your other employees.

Decide the Logistics of Moving

The next step is to figure out the details of the move. Start by looking at the terms of your current lease and your new one.

When should employees pack up their desks? How long will it take to move? Will some of your employees keep working during the move?

If the dates don’t quite match up, you can organize storage to hold your non-essential office supplies. If it works for your business, you could have some employees work from home during the move.

Hire a Commercial Moving Company

As you decide the timeframe of your move, you also need to hire a moving company. Look at your budget to see what level of moving help you need, what you can afford, and how much time you have.

If you’re moving to a building next door and you only have a few employees, your employees can handle packing and unpacking. You might only need help moving between buildings.

If you have a large company and you need to relocate quickly, you should choose a full-service company like Inner City Moving & Storage Company. They offer everything you’d need for a complicated move including packing, unpacking, moving, storage, and supplies.

Create an Office Move Checklist

As moving day gets closer, make an office relocation checklist to stay organized. It should include things like transferring utilities, setting up internet and phone service, and any paperwork you need to handle before the move.

This checklist is a great way to make sure you, your point person, and the planning committee are all on the same page. It also helps you delegate tasks.

Tell Clients and Contacts About Your Relocation

Before the move, make sure to tell your clients and contacts you’re planning to move soon. You don’t want anyone to show up at the wrong location for a meeting.

Once you’re settled at the new office, update your website, business cards, and suppliers with the new address. That way you won’t miss out on any new business opportunities because your customers couldn’t find you.

Create Your Relocation Plan Today

A relocation plan outlines all the steps you need to take to move your office, no matter the size of your business. Creating a plan takes time but it makes for a stress-free moving experience.

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