What Is Tap Water and Should You Get a Filter for Your House?

What Is Tap Water and Should You Get a Filter for Your House?

Did you know that your body is made up of about 60% water? Because water makes up so much of your system, drinking it, and plenty of it, is essential to not only your health but your everyday function as well.

And while bottled water is a convenient way to get your daily recommendation, it’s not great for the environment. A better option is to purchase a reusable bottle and fill it with tap water throughout the day.

But what is tap water? Is it safe to drink tap water unfiltered, or is it better to install a filter on your faucet to keep yourself and your family safe?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered! To learn everything you need to know about drinking tap water, just keep reading.

What Is Tap Water?

Bottled water is often marketed as a better choice than tap water, but in reality, much of bottled water comes from the tap. This is because municipal water, or tap water, comes from sources such as lakes and rivers – just like bottled water.

It’s possible for tap water to become contaminated, but as it’s monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you should be notified if there’s a boil water advisory in your area. In fact, tap water is more rigorously tested than bottled water!

If you’re concerned about the quality of your tap water, you can go to the EPA website and read the reports on your area’s water for yourself.

Why Is Tap Water Better Than Bottled?

We’ve established that bottled water is no “safer” than tap water, now let’s talk about why tap water is the better option.

As mentioned above, tap water is much friendlier to the environment. If that isn’t enough to convince you, consider it’s also much easier on your wallet! Bottled water is exponentially more expensive than drinking tap water.

In addition, more often than not, tap water tastes the same as bottled water, despite what some would claim.

Certain factors such as mineral content and the age of your pipes can make slight changes to the flavor, but that’s where a water filter comes in! A tap water filter can be purchased at low cost and remove taste-altering substances such as chlorine and minerals.

If you’re serious about your drinking water, options such as a filter softener combo can take your water filtration up a notch. These remove common contaminants in addition to softening your hair and skin in the shower!

Switch to Drinking Tap Water Today

Now that you no longer have to ask “what is tap water?” or “is it safe to drink tap water?”, you can start saving money and taking strides toward protecting the environment!

Remember, tap water and bottled water are, for all intents and purposes, the same thing. If you’re not a fan of the way your tap water tastes, installing a tap water filter can make all the difference.

For more tips on everything from bettering your health to keeping a few extra dollars in your pocket, take a look at our blog!

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