How to Dress a Baby Boy in His First 2 Years

How to Dress a Baby Boy in His First 2 Years

How to Dress a Baby Boy in His First 2 Years

Did you recently find out you’re going to have a baby boy? Well, first of all–congratulations!

A new and exciting stage of your life has begun and I’m sure you couldn’t be happier about it.

Becoming a parent is all about unconditional love and passing on your ideals to a new generation. However, you’ve probably been daydreaming about other, let’s say–less critical things. Like the cute little clothes that you’re going to buy for your cute little baby!

If you’ve been looking at different stores and still don’t know what to get, read these tips on how to dress a baby boy during his first two years of life!

Newborn: 0 to 2 Months Old

Right from the get-go, you should focus on comfort when you look for baby boy clothes.

A great option is to get some onesies. They’re comfortable, adorable and come in all different colors and patterns.

Wrap shirts are also a must-have in a baby’s wardrobe, especially during his first days of life. His little umbilical cord stump needs to dry out after the delivery, so the fact that you can open the shirt in the front comes in handy.

If your baby is born during the winter, get a long-sleeve layer as well, to make sure he’s always warm. This is particularly important if your son is premature.

Infant: 2 Months Old to 1-Year-Old

They grow so fast, don’t they?

As your baby boy gets older, the variety of clothing items you can buy for him increases. Little pants, collar shirts, shorts, cardigans – in short, when your baby becomes an infant, he can start wearing regular clothes.

Infants usually start walking between 9 and 12 months, so this is also a good time to invest in a pair of comfortable baby shoes.

Young Toddler: 1 Year and 2 Years Old

By this phase, your toddler is probably crawling, climbing or even walking around all the time. For this reason, my suggestion is that you focus on buying stretchy clothes with no strings that can put him in risky situations.

Other than that, continue going for regular clothes, like the ones I mentioned before.

Your baby will likely start talking during his toddler phase, so if he’s an opinionated one, you might even start getting some feedback about the clothes you put him in!

How to Dress a Baby Boy: Comfort is Key!

Wondering how to dress a baby boy? However you want! As long as he’s feeling cozy, there are no hard and fast rules.

Sure, some might say that you must buy blue clothes for boys and pink clothes for girls, but that way of thinking is certainly losing relevancy. An increasing number of baby clothing stores are coming up with gender-neutral items that focus on one thing: comfort.

After all, your baby will be doing a lot of exploring during his first years of life!

If you’d like more advice on this new adventure of yours as a parent, check the Kids Corner in my blog!

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