How to Road Trip With Your Dog and Have the Time of Your Life

How to Road Trip With Your Dog and Have the Time of Your Life

Are you preparing to go on a trip with your canine best friend?

Like your dog after good behavior, you’re in for a treat! However, it’s important to do some extra planning to ensure the journey goes smoothly and your furry friend is well taken care of.

Give yourself time to plan ahead and read this article to get the best tips on how to road trip with a dog.

Vaccination Record

When going on a road trip with a dog, you want to plan for safety. If anything happens to your pet away from home, you might end up in trouble.

Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination record in case it gets sick or needs to be boarded for a day. All you really need is a copy on your phone, so no excuses!

Dog Tags

Get tags for your dog if you haven’t already, and make sure they are up-to-date with your contact info, just in case your dog gets away in an unfamiliar environment.


For a great trip, give your dog a comfortable dedicated space in the car. Don’t squeeze your pet between luggage!

You can set up your trunk to accommodate your dog and protect your car at the same time. Click here to learn how to make your trunk dog-friendly and avoid having a mess in your car.


Don’t wait until you stop for gas, always make sure your dog has access to water. You can put a small stable water bowl on the floor to quench your pet’s thirst.


Just like you, your dog has to pee. Whenever you stop, don’t forget to let your dog out for a few minutes to take care of its needs.


On long road trips, your dog will need to blow off some steam. When you get to a new town, find the local dog park and let your furry friend expend some energy.


Animals often don’t feel safe in foreign environments. A collapsible crate is a perfect tool to make your dog feel secure and it won’t take any room in your car.

A crate is a cozy, reassuring place for your pet to rest, whether you stay in a hotel or want to make your dog comfortable in the car while you’re out.

You want the crate to feel like home for your dog. You can achieve this by putting an old t-shirt that has your smell inside the crate, as well as any toy or item that your pet is familiar with.

Positive Reinforcement

Taking a road trip with a dog is much easier if the dog is well-trained. Positive reinforcement is a technique used to teach dogs how to behave.

Essentially, when your dog follows a command you give, you reward it with a treat. For instance, if you tell your dog to sit and your pet sits, you give it a tasty treat.

You can also use the positive reinforcement technique to teach your pet anything it’s supposed to do.

If your dog runs off but comes back right away when you call it, a treat is warranted. If it sits quietly without begging when you’re eating, you can reward it.

Eventually, your dog will learn what you want it to do through conditioning without the treats.

Chuck-It Ball Thrower

When you take a break and want to play fetch with your dog, there’s nothing like a chuck-it ball thrower to give your pet lots of exercise in a short period of time.

These devices allow you to throw the ball much further than you would with your arm, making your dog really work to get that ball back. As an added benefit, you won’t have to touch the slobber covered ball with your hands.

Hot Days

Don’t leave your dog in the car for an extended period of time on a hot day. The inside of your car can get really hot on sunny days, which isn’t healthy for your dog.

If you must leave it for a bit, crack the windows open and don’t forget to leave it with some water. Additionally, reflective windshield covers are useful to keep the temperature down in your car.


Wherever you’re going but especially if you’re going out in nature, inform yourself of the local wildlife.

If you’re going camping, for instance, watch out for animals that might hurt your dog. Some places will have larger wildlife such as bears or elks and you don’t want your adorable friend running out to bark at them.

Sturdy Toys

Toys are an important part of a dog’s happy life. In particular when going on a road trip, toys will keep your pet entertained and provide it with mental stimulation.

However, tons of toys get ripped apart very quickly and can make a mess, which is the last thing you want in your car. You want to bring toys that are more durable so they don’t fall apart on day one of the trip.


Different places have different rules. For instance, a lot of national parks have strict regulations about dogs. Before you leave for your trip, make sure you check out all of the dog friendly camping and caravan parks along with any additional info about any dog activities going on.  Most trails don’t allow pets and dogs must be kept on short leashes in campgrounds.

You don’t want to drive all day only to find out your dog isn’t allowed at your chosen destination.

However, if you’re aware that the place you’re going to isn’t dog-friendly, there are solutions to give your pet good care while enjoying your vacation.

Check the internet for dog boarding services close to your destination. Websites like Yelp will have reviews you can check out.

How to Road Trip With a Dog With a Peaceful Mind

How to road trip with a dog? It’s not that difficult as long as you prepare well and watch out for your pet’s needs.

Make sure to make a cozy spot for it in the car and give it water. Stop frequently enough to let your dog do its business and expend energy.

Make it feel secure with a crate that reminds it of home. And of course, don’t forget the dog tags to avoid any bad scenarios.

Don’t hesitate to visit our Pets section to get more tips on how to take excellent care of your furry friends.

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