6 Amazing Benefits of Collagen you probably didn’t know

6 Amazing Benefits of Collagen you probably didn't know

Thousands of people all over the globe are battling joint pains, heart problems, and wrinkles. But who would have thought that collagen — a substance naturally occurring in our bones — could be the potential solution? Collagen offers myriad surprising benefits, including fostering better heart health, gut health, anti-aging, and even helping with joint pain and weight loss.

Of course, these things may sound pretty far-fetched. But they aren’t.

Let’s see.

Collagen is good for the heart

One study shows how people with atherosclerosis (a condition that may lead to coronary artery disease, the deadliest heart disease) had improved heart health after consuming collagen supplements twice daily. The hypothesis is that collagen may help strengthen the walls of the blood vessels to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

Collagen supplements promote gut health

Some studies reveal that there’s a collagen deficiency in inflammatory digestive conditions. This finding gave birth to the “gut healing” theory. By consuming collagen supplements, you’re addressing that deficiency and getting your system back to normal.

Collagen constitutes part of the connective tissue, which makes up the colon and GI tract. Replenishing deficient collagen may help reinstate your gut health, but more research is required here to support the theory.

Collagen is a better source of protein

Surprised? Collagen is a protein, a much easier-to-digest one at that. Many people suffer digestion issues when they consume meat or other complex protein sources. Getting the right amount of protein as their body requires becomes difficult. Thanks to collagen peptides, you can get the right amount of protein into your diet without issues. Collagen supplements are hydrolyzed (broken down), making the collagen easier to digest.

Collagen can help with joint pain

Another surprising benefit of collagen is its potential effect on joint pain. Some evidence reveals that collagen can support connective tissues and improve joint pain after exercise.

One study showed that athletes who took collagen peptides daily had less joint pain during exercise than those who didn’t.

Stronger bones

Not every day you get to hear this, but collagen can help you get stronger bones. Post-menopausal Participants in one study who used collagen peptides increased their bone mineral density. That’s because bone density decreases with age, and collagen replenishes it. That’s not all, though.

There are different kinds of collagen by source, and the one found in chicken (type 2 collagen) can help with arthritis. Participants with osteoarthritis who were put on type 2 collagen medication had reduced joint pain. So if you’re battling arthritic joint pain, you just may stand so much to gain by using this incredible form of collagen.

Collagen can help you lose weight

Protein is necessary for a healthy diet and can help you lose weight. Since collagen is more easily digestible and friendly than some protein sources, taking collagen peptides may help. Of course, taking only collagen without making the necessary lifestyle changes, such as reducing sugar consumption, may be a waste of time. But when you put everything in alignment, collagen supplements may provide that added boost to your weight loss journey. 

Then, of course, you probably already know about collagen benefits regarding wrinkle removal and generally healthier skin as you age. These are the most popular benefits of collagen, and we have succeeded in discussing the lesser-known but equally amazing benefits the supplement offers. You stand so much to gain when you include this rich supplement in your diet.

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