How to Open Xlsx Files Without Excel

How to Open Xlsx Files Without Excel

Whether you’re working on data entry, or need to view an important document someone sent you, you come across an XLSX file at some point in time. However, Excel is often expensive to get on your computer, which can make the task document difficult to open.

A little stuck? That’s why we’re here! Here are some ways on how to open XLSX files without Excel on your computer! 

What Is an XLSX File?

An XLSX file is an extension of Microsoft Excel. It is essentially a worksheet that contains different forms of data entry. There can be mathematical formulas entered, various graphs, etc. These are ZIP-compressed spreadsheets that Microsoft came out in 2007. 

The spreadsheets are filled with rows and columns and have formulas built into it so nearly anything can be calculated, documented, or tailored for your specific needs.  There are many extensions of an Excel file that can be explored, one of them being c#. 

If you do come across a c# excel file and don’t know how to decipher it, there is a guide called C# Read Excel that can help you do so. 

How To Open XLSX Files Without Excel

There are many ways to open an XLSX file without having Excel downloaded on your computer. They are also easily accessible and shouldn’t take too much of your time so you can get to that document as soon as possible. 

Open Office

Open Office is an alternative available online that can open XLSX files. It has the capability of opening older files as well. All you have to do is log on to the site, and download the program, which is quick, and go on about opening the XLSX files.

Google Docs

Google Docs is another simple-to-use program that can open XLSX files. If you have a Gmail account, you just have to have your XLSX on hand, then you can upload it to your Google Drive, and it’ll convert the XLSX file to a Google Sheets file. 

Once the file has been converted, it’ll still have all the same data with no alteration, and you can continue to work on the file, right from Google Sheets. 

Zoho Sheets

Zoho Sheets is another fantastic online tool where you can pull it up on your computer, and use their online Excel viewer to take a look at your XLSX file. In Zoho sheets, you can also continue to work on that file and even take part in live collaboration with others. 

Open XLSX Without Excel

Using the online platform tools is a great, easy alternative to opening up XLSX files. They work just as well and have many tools built into them so you can analyze data, create functions, pull up graphs, etc. Not having Excel shouldn’t hinder you from opening the files you need and getting your work done, so these alternatives will keep you on track!

Now that you know how to open XLSX files without Excel, check out our page for more tips and tricks on dealing with tech! 

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