How to Organize Your Home and Keep It That Way

How to Organize Your Home and Keep It That Way

Did you know that organizing and getting rid of clutter can benefit your mental health? Do you want to organize your home? If so, we have some home organization tips for you.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to organize your home.

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What Are Your Goals?

Before you begin organizing your home, consider your goals. Do you want your home to look a certain way?

Some people want to get rid of clutter, while others wish to rearrange entire rooms.

Remove Things From the Room

Before you organize your items, you need to see what fills each room. Clear out the room so you can arrange a blank slate.

When you remove items from the room, you can see what you own, what you can store away, and how to use your space.

If you feel overwhelmed with removing an entire room, start small. You could begin with a junk drawer. After you finish cleaning it, move on to a closet.

You could also divide your rooms into smaller zones. Don’t move bigger items like furniture unless you have help.

Donate Items You Don’t Need or Use

If you don’t use a particular item, give it to a friend, donate it, or throw it away. If you find any broken or worn down items, toss them.

You might not declutter everything in the first round. Consider cleaning out the room again in a month. You may end up donating a few more bags of clothes or decor you don’t need.

People hold onto various belongings because they think they’ll use them in the future. If you don’t use it now, get rid of it.

Place Similar Items Together

After you purge items you don’t need, begin to group items together.

For example, when organizing your pantry, place canned goods together.

In your bedroom, organize your clothing and group together similar items. When you reach for an outfit in the morning, you can look through the different pants, shirts, or sweaters.

When you divide everything, you can see what organizational tools you’ll need.

Pick up Organizational Tools

Once you have similar items grouped, you can see how you can store them. You want organizational tools that are easy to access and fit together.

For example, you can store items in boxes or clear containers. Shelving units are great ways to keep books or show off plants.

Label Your Containers

If you store items inside containers, consider making use of labels. This way, you can determine what’s located where. You can print labels from your computer or create your labels by hand.

If you’re storing away winter clothes or holiday decor, label the outside of the box.

You could even create a detailed list of what’s inside the bin. This way, you will be able to identify the item.

Return Items Into the Proper Spot

After you got rid of items, organized and label bins, return them to their specific room.

Bins filled with items that you use often go in an accessible spot.

Ask Your Family to Put Items Back

To keep your home organized and neat, you need to make sure you return items to their specific spot. Try and train yourself to put things back right away after you finish using them.

People tend to leave things out. Try to maintain your new organizational system.

If you created a new closet system, try to put clothes away after a laundry cycle. This way, you won’t have piles of laundry on your bed. Ask your family members to put away their laundry.

Change Your Organizational System

If your new organizational system isn’t working, change it up. You might think your design looks great at first but realize it’s not accessible or practical. Make a new system, so you don’t waste time.

Let’s take a look at organizing specific rooms.


Get rid of old beauty and bath products. Store your new beauty products in a clear container below the sink.

Make sure everyone in your family has a specific container to store their items. Look into holders for different things. Check out this best lipstick holder.

Dining and Family Room

Tell your family not to drop personal belongings in the family or dining room. Otherwise, these spaces will get cluttered and messy fast.

If you notice everyone still drops their stuff in the room, pick up some containers. Ask your family members to place personal items inside their bin. Make sure everyone empties their bin each day.


Arrange your kitchen cabinets by choosing shelves for glassware, dishes, and silverware. When you organize your pantry, place products facing forward. This way, you can identify items fast.

Store your cleaning products on a higher shelf so kids can’t use them. If you need to organize mail or bills, get a hanging wall organizer.

The below infographic from Closet Works will help you get every area of your home organized, not just your kitchen.

How to Organize Your Home and Keep It That Way



Place all clothes on hangers in a closet. Fold similar items and place them in drawers. You can use deep bookshelves to store collectibles or books.

Pick up everyone a laundry basket for their rooms. You could also install shoe racks for everyone to use. To store kid toys, get clear containers.

How to Organize Your Home

We hope this guide on organizing your home was helpful. Now that you know how to organize your home, use these tips for creating an organizational plan.

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