A Guide to Managing Your Household

A Guide to Managing Your Household

How do you live your life at the moment? Do the days seem to pass like a whirlwind and you never get anything done? Or are you one of the superwomen who breeze through life, more than capable of juggling a successful career, raising a brood of happy and well-adjusted children, cooking dinner every night for their partner, and still finding time to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends? Let’s be honest here; there aren’t too many women like that around! We could all do with a little advice on how to better manage our household; here are some tips you might be interested in trying.

  • Try Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a system of writing things down that works for many people. There is a basic system you can follow, but it’s flexible enough to allow for an awful lot of customization. All you need to start is a notebook, pens and a ruler. You simply divide the notebook up into sections, with an index at the front. It works much the same as a diary or journal, but you can adapt it to your own needs.

  • Hire a Cleaner

You probably don’t make enough mess to warrant hiring a cleaner to come in every day, so where’s the harm in having one visit once a week? It’s a service that is becoming more and more affordable, and there are so many benefits it’s worth seeing if you can fit it into your household budget. Imagine coming home on a Friday and not having to worry about dusting the living room or changing the beds! Your weekends will be free to do more exciting things.

  • Make Use of a Dog Walking Service

Having a pet is a big responsibility, and when you’ve decided to share your life with a dog, there are so many things to consider. They have to be walked regularly which can sometimes be difficult if you’re out at work all day. For busy people, there is a service that is a godsend. Having someone you can trust to walk your four-legged friend every day is perfect. There is bound to be a service in your local area, but if you live in London, you can visit premierdogwalkers.com to find out more.

  • Regularly Declutter

Set aside a time every week, make sure you note it in your bullet journal, and organize your things. If you manage to make your home less cluttered, you’ll feel less stressed. You only need to keep what you need, and you’ll have fewer things to tidy away. Anything you don’t want can be donated to charity, or you can sell it for a little extra pocket money.

  • Learn to Delegate

Why is it you feel the need to do everything around the home? Aren’t there other people living there who could help out? If you’ve got kids, it’s a valuable lesson for them to learn how to do things. If you’ve got a partner, it’s only fair that you share the responsibilities.

Introduce these tips one by one, and you’ll become far more organized and productive.  

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