Helping Your Child Become More Organized

Helping Your Child Become More Organized

Getting frustrated with things adults consider normal as a child is well, normal. If you can’t tie your shoelaces as a kid, you find is annoying that the other kids can. When you are scratching your head trying to figure out a math problem, and see the other kids working on it just fine, this can cause a little irritation. If we as parents can help our children be more organized many of these issues would simply fade away. However because children are so full of energy it’s hard finding time to get them to sit down and work on their shortcomings. So perhaps it should be more of a lifestyle that we teach them. Being organized doesn’t just mean having the right thing at the right time, but being prepared for classes at school, taking precautions about their own health, and learning coping mechanisms that they can use when they do feel frustrated.

Dressing for independence

One day your child will be at a point in their lives where they will become independent. This is a process that begins even when they are small, such as being able to make friends on their own and learning how to make simple foods like toast. If you have a child that is challenged and maybe has autism, ABA Therapy is a great way to help them learning organizational skills. One of them will be learning self-help skills such as dressing themselves. Not having to rely on somebody else to do this is a great motivator that they can take on other challenges by themselves too. Bathing and toileting are also taught alongside play and leisure skills.

Help them with homework

Maybe this is so obvious that it doesn’t need to be said, but here goes anyway. Help them with their homework! Parents have so many things to do and by the end of the day you just want to make dinner and go to bed. But even just 10 or so minutes with your child, helping them do and understand their homework could be incredibly important to their growing minds. Organize a time schedule of when your children do their homework, and in between the start and finish time, you can come and answer any questions they might have. Having a finish time is important as they are given a goal to finish their homework and stick to the schedule. Organization is often about sticking to your set time and dates, so this will instill this within them.

Follow a diet

Children often suffer with weight problems as their bodies are growing. This can happen when you don’t have meals ready to be eaten when they are hungry which leads to leisure eating. This kind of eating leads to junk food consumption, so drawing up a diet of fruits, sweets, vegetables and healthy snacks will help your children’s eating habits stay more organized.

At a young age, children are in need of guidance in ways of being organized. Help them with their homework so they are up to date with their school education, but also help them to be more independent by being taught self-help skills.

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  1. Harvindar K Grewal

    Hi Terri , great tips for parents to help their kids have good and Organized life

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