3 Tips for Keeping Your Belongings in Better Condition

3 Tips for Keeping Your Belongings in Better Condition

3 Tips for Keeping Your Belongings in Better Condition

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It’s never exactly a pleasant feeling when your precious belongings break, and you find yourself having to get them repaired, or replaced, usually at the worst possible time.

Of course, everyone basically knows that the way they treat their belongings will have something to do with how long they last. No one ever casually dropped their modern iPhone without instantly becoming painfully aware of the importance of knowing the location of a good iPhone screen repair company.

All the same, things do sometimes seem to break for more or less no explicable reason, and that’s not exactly great.

Here are a few tips for things you can do on a daily basis, in order to keep your belongings in better condition, and reduce the odds that they are going to spontaneously fall apart on you.

1.  Treat your belongings as if they have souls

Admittedly, this is a pretty odd kind of suggestion – but it comes directly from the globally acclaimed Japanese cleaning guru, Marie Kondo.

Apparently basing this principle partly on her own understanding of the traditional animist religion of Japan – Shinto – Marie Kondo doesn’t only believe in thanking her home for doing such a good job, and greeting it every time she comes home (already uncommon). She also believes in doing the same for your various belongings, and thanking them for their service before you get rid of them.

Miss Kondo insists that when you do this, your belongings simply last for longer, and stay in better condition.

Regardless of what you think of the spiritual dimensions of your clothes and appliances, there might be something to this idea in a practical sense. If you act as if your belongings have souls, and treat them accordingly, you’ll probably be a bit more careful and respectful of them.

2.  Shop for quality

There is a well-known, and pretty unpleasant, phenomenon at play in the world these days, known as “planned obsolescence.”

The basic idea here is that things are designed and produced so that they will break down, or become obsolete, after a certain period of time, and need a replacement or upgrade.

This, then, keeps you trapped in a cycle of repeat-purchasing.

When you buy anything – ranging from clothes, to appliances – try and shop for quality. Be willing to pay a bit more for things that actually seem like they were built to last. If they have lifetime guarantees, all the better.

3.  Keep a tidier, less cluttered home

The messier and more cluttered your home is, the higher the likelihood is that some of your belongings will be neglected, will become damaged by dust or water either in the attic, garage, or basement, and may even get stepped on as you’re moving around.

By keeping a more well-organised home, you’re not only likely going to improve your own general sense of well-being, but you might also keep the belongings you already own in better condition.

Since these belongings will be more accessible, too, it’s also quite likely that you will be able to appreciate them all the more.

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