Boxing is all about learning and pushing your limits but most people find it very hard to learn and push their limits without any assistance. This means that unless you are not working out with the help of someone else or following a lead you cannot learn. However, staying at home during COVID has changed this perception completely. More people are now learning while staying home than they have in any other situation. Interactive boxing sessions and video boxing sessions became a trend during the lockdown where people came together and worked out virtually. Now more people are ditching their gym memberships so they can start working out at their homes.

Boxing practice at home doesn’t just offer a sense of freedom it also helps you to save money. In the time of COVID lockdown when more people were in financial trouble, paying for a gym membership became a luxury. For staying fit, especially when you are locked inside your home and the opportunity for physical activity is very limited, it becomes very hard to stay fit and healthy. In this situation, people started buying gym equipment to set up a home gym. According to a recent study, it was concluded that there was a hike in the demand for gym equipment during the lockdown time.

Most people were interested in stationary gym equipment but since martial arts and boxing-related practice needs more guidance and support, people usually need a complete guide related to skill-based practice. However, people who are already familiar with the technical aspects can easily start at home boxing practice.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about simple and cheap equipment that you can easily buy for boxing practice. Apart from this, we will talk about ways to set a home gym without spending too much and we will help you design a simple and easy boxing class at home that can help you practice.

Setting a Home Gym

Setting up a home gym is very important because you need a dedicated space for your workout and you also do not want to work out in your living room. For boxing, you just need enough space to spread your legs and hands on both sides. To set up a home gym, you need to clear out all the appliances and furniture in the way. Then spread the mat that will help you know about the premises of your gym. Now set a small table right in front of you where you can put your laptop or phone. You also need a water bottle and journal. Another very important thing is a small clock where you can set your alarm. You might also need a mini speaker where you can play your favorite song. Most people use their phones for alarm and listening to music but it can be a distraction. To help you stay focused you need to stay away from your phone.

Designing a Class

For the class, you need to divide your time into three main sessions. For each session, you need to set a goal and use alternative exercises for each day so that you do not get bored. For the workout, you only need to practice for five days and take two days of complete rest.

Warm-Up Session

The warm-up session helps in preparing your body for a workout and it also prevents injury so it is very important to start your workout with the help of a warm-up session. Some of the best exercises within the warm include:

Rope skipping

Rope skipping is good for footwork and body balance.


Running helps you improve your strength and endurance.


The high knee is great for the core as well as for the legs and both are mainly involved in power generation.

Russian twist

The Russian twist is good for the hands as it improves the grip and it is also helpful for the strength of the core.

Exercises Session

For the exercises session, your main focus needs to be on improving your technique and skill-based training. This will consist of punching combination straining along with speed training. Some of the best exercises within this include:

Heavy Bag Workout

A heavy bag workout will help you execute a powerful punch without losing your balance.


Shadowboxing is great for setting the pace and learning all the basic punching combinations with and without the punching bag

Speed Boxing 

Speed boxing will help you play a little aggressively and improve your boxing speed.

Strategy Session 

Within this session, you need to focus mainly on the ways to read your opponent as well as mental relaxation. Some of the best ways include:


Yoga will help you relax your body as well as stretch your muscles.


Meditation is good for mental health and setting a strategy that can help you focus.

Muscle Relaxation 

Muscle relaxation therapy will get rid of the fatigue.

Tips for Smooth Boxing Session 

To help you enjoy a smooth boxing session, here are some of the tips that you can use:

  • Keep your water bottle near you at all times
  • While working out, remove all the distractions
  • Boxing needs focus so you need to switch off appliances especially TV
  • If you are going to follow a boxing session video, try to set the laptop right in front of you
  • Music helps you set the rhythm so try to pick up something fast and more energetic.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to focus on the actual class format. Most people jump straight to the boxing practice and skip through the initial warm-up session. It is very common among beginners because they do not realize the importance of a warm-up session. If you want to work better and have better results, your focus needs to be on designing an effective class. Your first few sessions will also help you set a pace so that you do not end up working out too much or too little. With boxing, most people get very excited and end up working out too much even when their body gets very exhausting. Listening to the body is very important, you need to know when your body is giving up and how much water you need to drink. All these simple things will help you get through all three sessions within one class.