How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Rings

How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Rings

Even the finest quality diamond engagement rings that are built to stand the test of time require care and attention! Read on to know more. 

Engagement rings are just like marriages; they become dull and lose their sparkle with daily wear and tear. As such, you need to take proper care in order to keep them sparkling throughout your life. 

Ring maintenance ensures that it ages with grace and that all prongs and stones stay safe. Would you like to replace your favorite stone a few years after your engagement? Will you be in a financial state to buy a new engagement ring? Definitely not! Emotionally and financially, it’s extremely hard for anyone to lose their engagement ring for any reason. This is why it is important to take care of your engagement ring. 

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of people who’d know how to take care of the engagement ring. But no worries! If you have a diamond engagement ring sparkling on your finger and you have no clue about its maintenance, this blog is for you. 

 We have discussed some of the easiest tips that will help you care for your ring. 

Top Engagement Rings Maintenance Tips

1. Keep It Clean 

With regular use, engagement rings tend to build up dirt and oil. These impurities block the light interactions in the stone, which will ultimately affect the ring’s luster. If you are not cleaning your ring, you are not doing justice to it and preventing it from living up to its potential.  

A good way is to clean your ring regularly. Honestly, it is not a labor-intensive process. All you need to do is- drop your engagement ring into a pan of warm water and add a few drops of soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Leave it for a few hours. Then, gently scrub the stone using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Wash it under a running tap and pat dry. Experts recommend cleaning your ring at least once every few weeks. Don’t forget to cover the drain!

2. Get Professional Cleaning 

While regular cleaning of your engagement ring is important, getting it cleaned by a professional has its own benefits. A professional cleaner will clean your ring thoroughly, which will make it look new again. Additionally, the professional jeweler will also inspect the structural integrity of the ring. They will examine the ring setting under a magnifying glass to make sure it is secure. This will allow the gemstone (s) to stay firmly within your ring when you wear it.

How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Rings

Now, if you are thinking about how often you should get your ring professionally cleaned?  Well, the general rule is to get it cleaned twice a year.

3. Protect It From Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are not good for your ring’s health! So, when it comes to caring for your engagement ring, you should beware of what chemicals your ring is in contact with on a daily basis. Further, ensure that you don’t use cleaning chemicals to clean your ring at home. Cleaning agents can actually diminish the polish and finish of fine jewelry. Also, chemicals pose the risk of wearing off the ring band. For instance, cleaning agents that contain bleach can harm colored gemstones like emeralds and ruby and can even fade diamonds. So, if you want your ring to stay as it is for longer, steer clear of chemicals. 

4. Remove It Off When Performing Hand Activities 

Engagement rings, regardless of their build, are prone to daily wear and tear. So, make sure to take it off during hand-heavy activities, such as cleaning dishes, washing clothes, gardening, exercising, and moving furniture. You can, obviously, use these rules as per the situation with good judgment. 

5. Don’t Touch The Center Stone

If you want your ring to stay intact forever, avoid touching the gemstone. Diamonds and other gemstones are magnets for dirt, dust, and body oil. So, when you touch the ring recurrently, your ring tends to accumulate all that comes in contact with it. 

How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Rings

Wondering what you can do about it? Whenever you wear or take off your engagement ring, grab the band on either side instead of grabbing the center stone. A cloudy or hazy-looking ring indicates that something is stuck underneath it. 

6. Insure It 

Your engagement ring has a lot of sentimental and monetary value linked with it. Hence, you’ll want to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Hence, whenever you buy an oval engagement ring, get it insured. Insurance is crucial to safeguard your financial investment in the event that something is damaged, stolen, or lost. Further, it is also important to have your ring appraised every five years. This is because of the cost of precious metals and diamonds hikes. So, if in the event when you lose your ring, which was appraised 10 years back, the insured value would be a lot less than the actual replacement cost.

The Final Say

So, you see, with a few simple yet effective ways, you can just increase the life of your engagement ring. It is neither straining nor expensive but will leave you with desired results – making your engagement ring look stunning always. So, follow these simple tips and let your official love symbol shine forever. 

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