There’s a lot of pressure for those who decide to throw a New Year’s Eve party. A lot of organization, time, money and fun needs to be put into it, which is why for many, they simply don’t bother. The fear of throwing a party no one will enjoy can be enough to keep us from doing what we desire. You do not have to miss out, though, if you want to throw a NYE bash like no other.

It’s time for you to throw the best NYE party your friends and family have ever seen! 

How to Throw the BEST NYE Party

  • Decide on The Type of Party

Is it going to be at your home, a restaurant, your friend’s house, or a yacht? There’s an unlimited choice when it comes to your party’s destination, so take your time deciding which location is best for you, your guests, and your party’s theme.

  • For Stay-At-Home NYE Parties

There’s nothing wrong with staying at home and inviting your friends and family round to your house. Not only is it cost-effective for everyone involved, but it is cozy, and you can decorate the place exactly how you wish. Create an attractive ambiance by having fairy lights and a playlist of party classics. Add sparkle to your drinks by sprinkling in some edible glitter and set up a photo wall that’s filled with big balloons, silver fringe and garlands.

Finger food is an easy and tasty way to feed your guests, but be sure to tell them in advance so that they do not expect a sit-down meal and end up grouchy from hunger as the night progresses. Drinks-wise, you can create a bar. Find a cart and decorate it with lights and tinsel; make it festive and glam by adding a few select bottles of champagne or a signature cocktail on the cart. Less is more, as this will act more as a decorative feature than anything else – you can have most of the alcohol gathered neatly elsewhere!

  • For Destination NYE Parties

A change in scenery can be nice, especially when it comes to celebrating a new year. There are many places for you to choose from when deciding where to host your party, but you should keep in mind how accessible it is for your guests and what is included in the price. Party packages are available, so be sure to check these before making a final decision.

Your options are many, though. You can, for example, plan a glamorous yacht party for your guests. You can ring in the new year in complete style, and there will be no doubt when it comes to who threw the best NYE party. Typically, hiring out a venue for a NYE party means there is a form of catering and bar available to you and your guests. The venue will also be able to help with decorations and the running of the event. You will want to double-check what is included, though.

  • Decide On A Theme

Of course, you don’t have to have a theme, but typically, there is a color scheme and a sense of consistency throughout a party event. Your theme can be as small and sparkly as you want, or if you’re going to think bigger, it could be disco or decade orientated. 

Popular themes include:

However, if you are after something a little edgier, consider using one of the following themes:

  • Feast (before people start their resolutions)
  • Eco-friendly (locally sourced champagne and wine, etc.)
  • New Year’s Resolution costume party (your guests come dressed as their resolution)
  • Have Plenty of Activities Planned

Don’t go over the top with this one, but having some activities planned can help get the party going or continue to flow throughout the night. 

You need to choose your games based on the guestlist you have created.

  • Adults

  1. Charades – A classic game that allows people to get super competitive.
  2. Two Resolutions and a Lie – As the name suggests, each person has to come up with two resolutions and a lie. The others must seek out the truth.
  3. Prosecco Pong – A glamorous twist on beer pong, this is a game that’s sure to keep everyone entertained and their competitive natures satisfied.
  • Adult Couples

  1. Loaded Questions – Write a bunch of questions on a slip of paper that are aimed at couples. The aim of this game is to see how well people know their significant others.
  • Children

  1. Marble relay race – Save up some toilet/kitchen rolls before the party and buy some marbles. See whose marble is the fastest!
  2. The sweet challenge – Empty M&M’s into a bowl and find some straws. See who can transfer the most M&M’s into a new bowl.
  • Go Crazy with The Decorations

This is the time of year for you to go all out and over the top. Think glitter and sparkles, balloons, and streamers. Think outside the box with the decorations, too. Make a clock out of balloons, have a disco ball pinata, include confetti canons and tinsel galore. You can have a balloon arch if you wish, or for something completely unique, a bunch of glittering ‘Happy New Year’ crowns and tiaras for your guests to wear.