How to Decorate Your Big Corporate Event

How to Decorate Your Big Corporate Event

We all know how hard it can be to organize any event, let alone something as important as a corporate event. If you don’t have too much experience in organizing, don’t worry. If you follow the tips below, you’ll at least know how to handle decoration perfectly. Here are a few secrets to flawless corporate event decoration:

Start with lighting

How to Decorate Your Big Corporate Event

Even though often neglected by organizers, lighting is one of the most important things in event decoration. It can make or break the event and set the exact right atmosphere you want. If your corporate event includes a conference where guests need to take notes or read things from pamphlets, then it’s important to light the main area with general lighting. If your event is more leaning towards a party, then softer lighting is the way to go. To set the mood and end up with some awesome event photos, LEDs are a good solution that requires minimal rigging. 3D projectors and other light shows are also welcome, depending on your budget.

Interesting fabrics

To boost the tactile effect of your event, consider decorating with some interesting fabric. Fabric always gives the event some extra glamour, no matter if you choose drapes or sails. They also add some depth and color to a venue, making it appear bigger. Drape fabric on the buffet and serving stations is a good budget-friendly option.


Flowers are the most timeless and elegant option for decoration, especially during the warmer months. Everyone loves flowers so if your event doesn’t have a specific theme to match, natural decoration is always a good option. The only thing problematic about flowers is that they are not easy to store. Luckily, in places like Australia, you can book flower delivery whenever you need fresh decoration. It’s even possible to opt for same day flower delivery in Penrith and have the freshest flowers delivered straight to your event. Greenery will be there to add color to your event, as well as relax guests and put them in a good mood.

Food displays

How to Decorate Your Big Corporate Event

All guests are especially looking forward to good food at your event, so don’t disappoint on this front. Food can also be used as decoration, so hire experienced caterers to create table food displays with easy-to-grab finger food – you can view menu here to see what might be available. For a touch of whimsy, you can order a donut wall, a make-your-own-taco station or a pizza station.

Stage design

If your venue has temporary staging options, don’t hesitate to provide extra attention to this element. A rustic outdoor stage or a riser will attract all the attention, so make sure to give the guests something impressive to look at from rustic wedding hire auckland. On the stage, you can put couches and other casual elements to allow your speakers to relax. If you’re working on a budget, a modular stage is a great option that can be assembled and taken down for very little money.

Seating arrangement and decoration

Chairs can easily be used as event décor, you just have to provide them with some interest. Every event needs seating, so feel free to arrange it in a new and interesting way. To make your event special, ditch the traditional theatre or banquet seating, and opt for a more community-like arrangement. This can still be very elegant, yet it will be much more unique. If the occasion, theme and setting allow, introduce a variety of different seating styles from regular chairs, to bar stools, couches and bean bag chairs.

Ceiling decoration

How to Decorate Your Big Corporate Event

Your ceilings deserve a lot more attention than they usually get. To make your space look bigger and more intimate, consider adding drapes from the ceilings and streamers falling from the center to the corners of the room (this is great for small spaces yet high ceilings). If you’re working with limited floor space, ceiling decoration will allow you to still go big yet enjoy all the free square footage for circulation.

Make a backdrop

For some extra visual stimulation, you can add a lively backdrop to your corporate event. Bring the stage to life with digital art—this won’t take any space on the stage, yet it will significantly spruce it up. Digital backdrops are great for attracting attention, and they are affordable and easy to introduce to any space. From LEDs screens to text strips and honeycomb screens, you can achieve almost any effect that you can imagine. If the backdrop effects can match your presentation and music, your guests will be very impressed.

Once you settle these major decoration points, you can pay attention to a few minor details and round up your decoration. There’s no way that your event will be a flop with this décor! 

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