How To Host A Memorable Dinner Party

How To Host A Memorable Dinner Party

Now is the best time to host a dinner party! Gather up your favorite people and enjoy some much-deserved time together. Catch up on your lives, talk about your futures, or dish on the latest shows.

Make A Delicious Dish

Aside from the wonderful people, you will spend your time with, the food you serve is the best part. Try a different approach to the usual spread and build your meal around a mouth-watering chimichurri recipe. It checks all of the boxes for appeal and taste. You can serve it on almost anything, too. Chimichurri sauce enhances tacos, Polynesian food, steak and meatballs, salads, sandwiches, and the list goes on. Add in a few more of your favorite sauces for variety.

Bring On The Beverages

Any great dinner party involves lots of drinks. Make it an affair with variety by adding in a little bit of everything. If you already know what your guest’s drink preferences are, build a drink menu around that. Otherwise, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative and try something new.

Have a variety of both non-alcoholic and alcohol-infused options on hand. Stock your bar with lots of fun cocktail selections. There are some delectable non-alcoholic drink recipes that everyone will appreciate. Also, have pitchers of water available, especially in warmer temperatures.

Set The Mood With Music

If you have a digital assistant (Google Home or Amazon Alexa, for example) set up throughout your home, you can create groups with the speakers in select areas. Once you have defined the groups within the app, stream the same playlist to the selected speakers. Use your music streaming app of choice and create a unique playlist just for this dinner party. If your guests enjoy a specific genre of music or are partial to a certain decade, start there. It is always fun to introduce new music to keep things interesting and fresh.

Ask For Help

Hosting a party is a lot of fun and a lot of work. Instead of taking on all of the work and responsibility yourself, ask a friend or two to come over early and help out with the preparations. Make it a joyful time by simply having fun. Assign everyone a task in the same room or space so you can converse and laugh while getting ready. After all, when you are together it really is not work at all.

Make Safety A Priority

It goes without saying but should be addressed regardless. As the host and good friend, you must consider safety part and parcel of planning your dinner party. Here are some key items to take into account.

  • Candles

Candles are a fire hazard that can quickly burn out of control. If your dinner party will be held in a breezy area outside or with a raucous group of friends, opt for flameless LED candles instead. They still give the same glowing vibe but with a lesser safety concern.

  • Swimming Pool

If your party guests bring children ensure you have one responsible adult (who is not drinking) assigned to watch the pool. If everyone imbibes, hiring a local lifeguard is a safe alternative. Another option is to make sure the pool gate is locked, secured, and off-limits during the party.

  • Driving

Everyone knows what happens when the choice is made to drink and drive. Forgo this issue altogether and have a rideshare plan in place ahead of time if your guests drink too much. They will thank you later.

Make something delicious for your next dinner party. Enlist your friends for a little help in advance and enjoy a wonderful evening together. 


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