Top Composting Tips For A Healthier Garden

Top Composting Tips For A Healthier Garden

It’s no secret that creating a beautiful garden starts with healthy fertile soil. Perhaps you haven’t tried making your own compost yet and are keen to try? If so, you’re in luck! These six handy tips will have you well on your way to gardening heaven.

  1. Frequent turns

Your compost pile needs oxygen to help the ingredients break down, the bacteria that helps break it down requires air to work its magic. If the bacteria in your compost pile has eaten up all of the air, it will begin to die off. It’s important to turn your compost pile frequently, to produce a constant airflow. You can use an aeration rake to turn your compost or try a tumbler that you can rotate. It’s best to turn your compost approximately every two weeks.

  1. Try using worms

Worms can be great helpers when you’re keen to produce some great compost. First, fill a container with paper, shredded leaves and soil. Next, add manure words and also put your food waste inside. The worms will turn this waste into some excellent compost which you can then use to improve the health of your garden.

  1. Equal green and brown

To make the perfect compost pile, it’s important to achieve a balance between nitrogen and carbon. Brown materials such as dead leaves, wood chips, and shredded paper will give your pile all the carbon it requires. Green materials like vegetable trimmings, manure or grass clippings help your pile to produce nitrogen. The trick is to use equal amounts of both green and brown materials to create the right mix.

  1. Use a tumbler

Compost tumblers are a surefire way to get quick results (without too much effort). They are basically sealed up containers which you can rotate to mix up the materials and provide aeration. A composting tumbler keeps the heat locked in and means you’ll get a healthy compost pile quicker.

  1. Shred your materials

Usually, it’s the brown materials that need a little longer to break up. For this reason, you should shed your brown materials before you put them into your pile. You can use a chipper or a shredder to do this, (gardening scissors will do if you don’t have these items). To get the ideal compost pile, you’ll want your items to break down at a similar rate, and so it’s vital to give the brown materials a helping hand.

  1. Perfect moisture levels

If you want to create a nice compost pile you’ve got to pay attention to the moisture levels. It’s important to ensure that your pile does not become too soggy, but that it does have adequate moisture. If your pile is soggy, try adding some dry materials. When the pile is too dry, simply add a little water.

With some nice healthy compost, you’ll soon be able to grow some beautiful plants and vegetables in your garden. Spring is the perfect time to give your garden space a nice makeover. Why not try some new garden furniture or accessories to complement your flowers? National Outdoor Furniture has some lovely products which are perfect for a full garden revamp.

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