The Ultimate Fall Gardening Checklist

The Ultimate Fall Gardening Checklist

After a long fall of intensive garden care, it’s tempting to spend the days of fall relaxing and carbo-loading for the coming winter. Yet, slacking off on your fall gardening chores now could have some far-reaching consequences.

At the very least, you’ll experience a disappointing spring season. At worst, the effects of your procrastination could extend well into summer. 

Getting active outdoors is a great way to beat the winter blues too, so get out there and do yourself, and your garden, a few favors this fall.

Fall Gardening Tips for the Veggie Patch

By now, your vegetable garden should be almost bare. Clean up the last few remains of summer’s vegetables and add them to the compost heap.

Then you can tidy up the edges, dig in some compost and add a thick layer of mulch, so your vegetable garden’s raring to go when it’s time for spring plantings.

By time fall rolls around, it’s too late to plant broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and other slow-growing vegetables. You might be able to squeeze in a last round of mustard greens, lettuce, and turnips, or plant some fall vegetables like collards and kale.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

According to Cherry Oak Landscaping, keeping up a meticulous lawn care routine is the key to lush lawns. So, don’t let your lawn down this fall. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Apply a high potassium fertilizer to help your lawn survive its dormant season
  • Mow fall leaves into the lawn instead of raking them for as long as possible
  • Overseed you lawn with a cool-season grass to fill in the gaps

All these things give your lawn a fighting chance for the long, dormant season ahead and ensure it bounces back better than before in the springtime.

Fall Flower Care

If you live in an area that experiences an extended freeze, dig up any sensitive tubers and bulbs and bring them inside.

Remove plant debris and rake regularly. A build-up of decaying plant matter in your garden beds can harbor pests, weed seeds, and plant diseases.

Use up the last of your compost and start a new compost heap. Apart from spreading it on your vegetable garden, you can also layer some around the base of any sensitive plants to protect them from the cold. 

It’s a good idea to lay a plastic sheet down before you start adding plant matter to your new heap. This prevents tree roots from growing into your compost heap. 

The Rewards of a Job Well Done

Once you’re done with your fall gardening chores, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy all the pleasures that winter brings.

So, get cracking and you’ll soon be able to enjoy sipping on hot chocolate by the fireside during your free time with a clear conscience. 

If you’re looking for some informative reading or home improvement tips to keep you busy during these chilled hours, keep reading our blog. We’re the experts on helping you turn your house into the cozy home you’ve always desired. 

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