The 10 Most Popular Pizza Toppings

Are you the kind of person who will stand up and fight for the right to put pineapple on your pizza, or even worse, anchovies? What to have on a pizza topping is a very personal problem. To avoid a major meltdown when you next share an order, you need to know the most popular choices.

Take a slice out of our pan and let us help you make the decision. Read on as we count down the 10 most popular pizza toppings.

1. Pepperoni

Pepperoni is the king of pizza toppings and the staple addition to any meat lover’s pizza. Pepperoni itself is a very unique, American Italian sausage made from cured pork and beef. Seasoned with paprika and other chilies, it can come in a variety of strengths from sweet and mild to sweat-inducing heats.

Pepperonis are bright red in color and are derived from the salami family. They have a much finer grain than traditional Italian salami and often use artificial casings. It is popular as its smoky taste goes perfectly on a crisp, thin base or a chunky deep-pan, making it one of the most versatile ingredients.

2. Onions

Onions are another delicious pizza topping that divides opinion. They can be fried and added to burgers and hot dogs to add an extra layer of delicious flavor, so why are they not a mainstay on a pizza?

The onion is a member of the family from the Allium genus. This also includes other delicious treats such as garlic, leeks, and chives. They have a pungent, strong flavor that is well known for making people cry when cutting them.

3. Mushrooms

On paper, mushrooms sound like a slightly gross prospect. They are the flowering body of a fungus. However, these little blossoms of mold are extremely delicious when eaten raw or cooked on your favorite pie.

Many pizza styles incorporate mushrooms for the unique, earthy flavor they can bring. They can balance out meat, or add a unique twist to a vegetarian feast. In fact, they are a much-needed source of protein for anyone on a plant-based diet.

The most common type of mushroom used on a pizza is the small, white button mushroom. However, for more gourmet options you may find one of the many varieties of wild mushrooms that can have unique, deep flavors. One of our favorites is the Fun Guy from

4. Extra Cheese

A pizza can not be complete without a healthy, generous cheese topping. However, some people love it so much they opt to overload. Not only does this add to the flavor, but it also gives the pizza a stringy, gloopy texture that is divine against a crispy base or crust.

In addition, you can vary the cheese on top. You may go for a tangy blue cheese or a cool mozzarella. In some instances, you can even add some excitement to the humble crust by getting it stuffed with hot, melted goodness.

5. Sausage

The humble sausage has a long history dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, around 3100 years BC. It is one of the oldest known methods of meat preservation and involves stuffing minced meat into a skin, usually the intestine of an animal. Though skins can now be synthetic and fillings can even be vegetarian, the concept of the sausage remains the same.

Adding it to a pizza really gives some herb and spice. This flavor all depends upon the type of sausage the chef chooses in their preparation.

6. Bacon

Just like cheese, everything tastes better with bacon on top. While it may not be considered a traditional pizza topping, this salty, cured slice of fatty pork works perfectly with cheese and tomato. It is essential on any meat feast pizza or can work just as well as a topping on its own.

7. Pineapple

Yes, it is the most divisive topping for any pizza. Some people may argue that fruit, particularly this juicy, tropical variety, does not belong. It turns your savory fast into a sweet sensation that has no place on the menu.

Others may argue it is the perfect juxtaposition. A delicate, fruity tang amongst heavy toppings. The truth is, you have to take the plunge and try it to understand how good it actually can be.

8. Black Olives

Olives are probably one of the most traditional pizza toppings available. They add a slice of Mediterranean authenticity to your dish. They are both piquant and salty.

One of the most traditional pizza styles with olives is the Napoli. It combines olives with anchovy and capers for one of the most distinctive pizzas known. However, for something less adventurous you can use it as a compliment to pepperoni or in conjunction with tasty mushrooms.

9. Spinach

Spinach is a real oddity, as it is the only green leaf in the top ten. However, its thick, dense structure makes it perfect for pizza topping. When it cooks, it wilts down into a stringy, colorful addition.

Packed with iron, you could even argue that spinach on a pizza is a healthy option. If you are a cheese fiend, then try it with a balanced and creamy goat’s cheese for the ultimate in delicious pizza heaven.

10. Beef

Beef can arrive on a pizza in a few different ways. One of the most common is with ground beef, which is often used as a bolognese ragu for a dense, meaty pizza base. The second most popular is in a meatball.

Lastly, you can just have strips of tender beef. Make sure it is cut thin, almost like an uncured carpaccio, and lay it delicately on top.

Experiment With Popular Pizza Toppings

While you may have your favorite popular pizza toppings, you do only live once. Experiment a little and try some different flavors or combinations on your next order. Who says you won’t love that red pepper, pineapple, and tuna combination after all?

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