Luxury Living: Tips for High-End Pool Maintenance

Luxury Living: Tips For High-End Pool

For a modern American home, a pool is the ultimate status symbol. Representing wealth, luxury, and leisure, an outdoor swimming pool is often the most eye-catching feature of a yard. Pools are proven to add value to a home, simply because they are a feature that remains in high demand for homebuyers in affluent neighborhoods. Even more important are the hours of joy they’ll provide for you, your friends, and your family, leading to lasting memories that you will cherish forever.

However, your pool will only continue to provide this priceless value as long as it is treated as the asset that it is and provided with the highest possible level of maintenance and care.

If you’re only going to invest in one luxury feature for your home, it should be your pool, and then only if you are willing to also invest in high-end equipment and the best pool maintenance service available in your area. Below are our expert tips for high-end pool maintenance:

1. Install an Advanced Filtration System

To remain attractive to both swimmers and potential homebuyers, a pool needs to appear clear and pristine. Unfortunately, the outdoor environment can thwart that all-important cleanliness, as the sun encourages the growth of unsightly algae and the wind carries leaves, dead insects, and other impurities directly into the water.

This is where a good filtration system comes in. The filter is responsible for removing pollutants of all sizes, from microscopic bacteria to hair and leaves. A pool with poor filtration will have more in common with a swamp than a luxurious home feature, as the water begins to turn a very unappealing green color and organic matter begins to build up.

Often, financially conscious homeowners think they can save money by installing cheap filtration
systems, but this well-intentioned decision can lead to much greater cleaning costs in the future. Instead, we recommend installing the most advanced filtration system you can afford for your pool. More advanced, in this case, refers to the ability of the system to remove particles at the microscopic level. A high-end pool should have a cartridge filter or diatomaceous earth filter, which can remove impurities as small as 10 microns or fewer (about the size of most algae spores).

2. Ask for Premium Water Treatment

A key source for this article was Strong Refuge Pool, whose experts provide high-end pool maintenance services in the Portland and Seattle area. They noted that a filtration system can only take you so far with regard to cleanliness in your pool because even the best filter can’t catch every potentially harmful organism attempting to use the water as a breeding ground. Pool experts maintain that water treatment is equally important for a healthy and safe swimming pool.

You don’t need to be an expert, though, to be able to recognize a pool where the water treatment has been neglected. The water may turn cloudy due to the runaway division of harmful bacteria. It may also turn green as algae begins to take hold. Signs of poorly treated water may not be immediately visually obvious, either. The water may appear clear, but swimmers will become sick or develop pain in their ears and eyes.

Premium water treatment involves more than simply adding a chlorine tablet to the water once a week. Instead, a sanitizing device that introduces chlorine, bromine, or ozone to the water at planned intervals should be installed by your pool service. This will ensure consistently healthy chemical levels in your swimming pool.

3. Choose a High-End Maintenance Service

As a luxury feature, a swimming pool is a dynamic element of your home, and it requires at least as much maintenance and care as a vehicle or other equally active piece of property. That is to say, as long as your pool contains water and is expected to be in use, it will require regular cleaning and occasional equipment repairs. Even when the pool is dormant, such as during the colder months, it will still require a certain level of maintenance from a professional pool service.

As with any other aspect of owning a pool, it’s important to invest in the highest-quality pool maintenance service available. Attempting to cut costs in this area is likely to lead to higher maintenance bills in the future, as equipment fails and puts the pool out of operation.

Look for a pool maintenance service that has many years of experience in its field. A high-end service will have spent a great deal of time working at luxury homes in your area, so they will be able to anticipate any issues that may occur with your specific pool.

4. Invest in the Best Equipment (and Chemicals) That You Can Get

There is no way to avoid the reality that owning a pool is expensive, from installation to maintenance to the equipment. As we’ve mentioned, attempting to cut costs often backfires for homeowners, as installing cheap equipment will simply result in it either failing to do its job effectively or breaking down entirely and necessitating costly repairs. To both get the best experience you possibly can with your pool and save money in the long run, you must be prepared to invest in high-end pool products.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean the highest-quality pool products are always the most expensive. Often, you can find high-end products that cost less. However, this will require time spent researching the best available options. Choosing the cheapest option will usually lead to disaster later on. Instead, you should consult your trusted pool maintenance service and ask what equipment and pool chemicals they recommend for your needs.

Your pool service professional should be your trusted resource for high-end pool maintenance, equipment installation, and any other needs you may have for your pool. If you have questions about pool maintenance and care that go beyond these expert tips, contact them to begin unlocking your swimming pool’s full potential today.

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