Make That Music: What Are the Best Apps for Making Beats?

Make That Music: What Are the Best Apps for Making Beats?

In any given year, there are only around 40,000 musicians in the U.S. that actually play music professionally. Thanks to the democratization of the tech that is required to record music professionally, however, this number is likely to jump in the next few years.

As technology continues to grow, music making is becoming a lot broader in terms of how we can create it. You don’t need all the fancy gear you once did. Now, we can just download some software onto our smartphones, computers or even tablets and get started creating.

Below, you’ll find some of the best apps for making beats and instrumentals on the market.

1. Garage Band

Having been crowned one of Apple’s best-known pieces of software, many notable musicians such as Justice and Rihanna have gone ahead and used this software in their creative process. Once just a computer program, you can now find it at the palm of your hand on your phone or tablet. This app boasts an extensive library of virtual instruments.

The drum machines and the virtual pianos will give you an ideal musical experience. With these tools, you can easily create songs that sound great in very little time.

Additionally, you can extend the fun by fusing free royalty samples with your own creations. You can even record a rough vocal mix and create demos using your phone.

2. KORG’S Gadget

Being a fully-fledged audio workstation has made it as impressive as its range of hardware instruments. Its main features include:

  • Sampler for recording external sound.
  • Sample-based drum machines.
  • Lead and bass synthesizers.

Though this application was once only compatible with the iPad, it can now work flawlessly on an iPhone. Because of this, you can now tie all your gadgets together.

It has an extremely powerful sequencer with fully operational automatic MIDI support. Also, there is a built-in community that grants you the full freedom to not only share your own creations but also listen to other peoples’ creations.

Fortunately, there is a trial version to sample with before you buy. Most of the advanced features will only be available to you after you upgrade.

3. DJ Studio 5

If you really want to produce nice, groovy beats, just familiarize yourself with this app. Since it was developed, it has proved to be a perfect tool for producing any type of beat.

You can not only mix and loop but you also have an option to modulate music from the palm of your hands, not to mention a very responsive user interface. What’s more, it is loaded with a phaser, flinger, and bit crusher.

4. Music Maker Jam

If you’re just starting your music production journey and you need a decent program that is beginner friendly and uncomplicated, then this app is worth checking out. It was developed to be a simple app that has the potential to produce solid and quality vocals within seconds.

Music maker jam will also give you the freedom to be more creative.

This is because you modify your vocals with a range of studio worthy audio loops. In fact, if you are a person who is always on the move, this is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, you can share your finished tracks on the famous Soundcloud directly from the app.

5. Hip Hop Pads

If ease of use was the sole criteria for choosing the best music making apps, honestly, this app would be on a level of its own. For that reason, it draws beginners who are getting into producing trap and other hip-hop-style beats. With over 90 realistic MIDI instruments, it will provide studio-level audio quality. All you have to do is touch your screen

6. Machine 2

You can’t claim that you know more about these apps if you have never heard about it. Machine 2 lets you create some awesome and admirable beats on your iPhone by simply adjusting the screen size for an unforgettable experience.

And if you are a starter, you can spruce your vocals or even add some samples from iTunes. Some of its popular features are:

  • Basslines
  • Arpeggiator within the key of your song
  • Smart play keyboard

But the real factor that makes this app stand out from others is the Arranger tool that can transform your samples and turn your songs into masterpieces.

Furthermore, there is no need to do finger drumming since the step mode will always come in handy. And most importantly, you can swiftly export your tracks to share them with your audience.

7. Figure by Propeller Head

Figure is a mobile app that comes with essentials stacked to the brim. With it, you can efficiently convert your phone into a mobile production studio and churn out nice beats irrespective of your skill level.

The app’s intuitive workflow keeps you hooked on your phone as you make beats. The app comes with standard tools like an arpeggiator that can create melodies without having to rely on other software, as well as many other features that will leave you convinced it’s just perfect.

And if none of these apps suit your fancy, you can always buy beats from Pink Fader!

Now That You’ve Seen the Best Apps for Making Beats…

Be sure to check out the rest of our site. We’ve got all sorts of information musicians of any stripe or skill level will benefit from. Without knowing how to play music in your home, for example, these apps for making beats will be useless.

Remember to trust and love the music making process, and you’ll be on stage in front of thousands of fans in no time!

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