Here’s A Trending Mobile Spy App You didn’t Know About

Here's A Trending Mobile Spy App You didn’t Know About

No matter what you call them, a cell phone monitoring app or a mobile spy app, they are really popular to keep tabs on someone’s digital activity nowadays. If you wish to see what other people are up to, where do they go or what are their internet activities, there is an app that can literally access from the phone you wish to monitor and get it to you. We always wanted to review a cell phone monitoring app but it was a difficult choice to select one before we finally came across Xnspy.

We tried the app and here’s an honest review of how we found the app:

Overview – Xnspy:

Here's A Trending Mobile Spy App You didn’t Know About

Xnspy is a trending mobile spy app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app first hit the market in 2012 giving them ample time to be the best cell phone monitoring app on the market right now. The reason we love Xnspy is how it’s very well thought out, i.e. it has probably all those features that you would want to look for in a spy app. It excellently caters to all of your monitoring needs. Xnspy is a reliable and secure app that allows the users to know all that is going on in the target phone.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does or why would we even think of featuring this app on our website. In fact, the app works great. Everything feature listed on their website is also available on the actual app.

Installation and Working:

We found Xnspy pretty easy to handle. It starts with downloading the app Xnspy’s official site. But before you could do that, you’ll have to subscribe. You could choose between two different editions and three different payment plans, i.e. monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Once you sign up, you get your download link in the email. If you have ever installed APK file from the internet, it’s just like that. You will open the URL on the target phone’s internet browser and the application will begin downloading automatically. The installation barely takes 5 minutes to get installed on a mid-range Android phone and less than 2 minutes if you are using a high-end device.

Upon subscribing, you also get a username and password for your Xnspy’s online account, plus an activation code that’s required to install and set up the app. The online account/control panel gets you to the activity from the monitored phone.

One of the noteworthy things about Xnspy mobile spy app is how easy it is to install the app. There’s a setup wizard that goes side by side with the installation so you know exactly what to do next. Then, there’s even an option where you could tell Xnspy’s support team to download and install the application for you, using TeamViewer.

Xnspy Versions:

Yes, Xnspy offers two different versions to users for Android and iPhone users. The iPhone version further provides two versions: Jailbreak and No-Jailbreak with the latter being nearly obsolete as Cydia, the major jailbreaking service, is about to end its operations. However, the iCloud/Jailbreak version works with every iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or above. The Android version of the app works both with or without rooting a device.

Android: Compatible with OS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x & 7.0

iOS with Jailbreak: Compatible with iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8. Up to 9.0.2

iOS Without Jailbreak: Compatible with iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 11.2.1


Here's A Trending Mobile Spy App You didn’t Know About

Listed below are some of the features of Xnspy cell phone monitoring app:

  • Text messages and phone call monitoring
  • Access to browsing history, emails, along with a list of top websites
  • Access to instant messages and messengers along with the media shared using the applications
  • Alerts when a certain contact or words from the Watchlist appears in the chats or conversations. The app informs regarding the specific keyword, location or contact.
  • Monitoring the calls and call durations. Xnspy gets you the Top 5 callers and Top 5 calls.
  • Live screenshot feature
  • Option to listen to phone calls, record them as well as ambient recording that turns on the microphone of the target phone remotely.
  • GPS location tracking of the target devices and notifications when the target user enters a specific location/area. (Users have to add the locations in the app’s Watchlist).
  • Locking the target phone and remotely wipe all the data off of it.
  • Option to block websites and apps.

User Dashboard:

There is no scarcity of spy apps in the market but not all of them are equipped with the ease of user-friendliness. Some of the apps are technical and complicated which makes it hard for people who are not tech-savvy, to use them. Along with that, Xnspy provides the users with a simple and easy-to-understand interface so that users can use it without any problem.

With the help of the online dashboard, users can access the information of the target phone conveniently. You can view the incoming and outgoing text messages and calls, social media activity, web browsing history, ambient recording, the locations where the phone was used via the GPS tracker, keylogging of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype (for Android) and the Wi-Fi connections the phone connected to (Android).

Performance and Compatibility:

Xnspy performs quite well. The performance and compatibility of the app were found to be more than satisfactory. It works seamlessly on all of the supported devices. It works hidden in the background so that the target phone user cannot know that there is an app working in the background. The app works silently and undetectable on the supported devices. The app acts as a connection and takes all the information from the target phone and keeps uploading it to your Xnspy online web account so that you can check it whenever you want.

Another great feature of this mobile spy app is that even though it runs in the background, it does not cause any inconvenience or impact the performance of the target phone. The app not only works hidden, but it also stays hidden. It doesn’t appear on the home screen nor does it appear in the installed application list. Xnspy is truly an invisible monitoring app.

Price – Is it worth it?

Whoever wants to get a spy app and invest money, would surely want to know if the app is worth it. For Xnspy, users can rest assured that the mix of basic and advanced features this app provides is certainly worth the price. It caters to all the monitoring needs and requirements of a person who is considering getting a cell phone monitoring app.

Xnspy is quite affordable and the price of the app is one of the other reasons the app is becoming quite popular. The developers offer the users monthly, quarterly, and annual payment options. The app has Basic and Premium Edition and here is a breakdown of the cost for you:


  • For Basic Edition


Monthly Quarterly Yearly
$49.99 / month $23.33 / month $8.33 / month



  • For Premium Edition


Monthly Quarterly Yearly
$59.99/ month $33.33 / month $12.49 / month


Xnspy Premium Edition offers more features compared to the Basic Edition.

Customer Support:

If the users find themselves caught in some problem regarding the installation or running of the app, Xnspy is available with 24-hour support in the form of live chat. In order to connect with the customer services department, the users have to submit a ticket. The response time is quite less. The customer service representatives of the app are informed and guide you in the best manner possible that adds to the impressive features of the app. The customer support contacts you and answers your complaints and queries within the same day of the customer’s submission of the ticket.

The Drawbacks:

Xnspy does not have any drawbacks as such. Compared to other apps, they are nonexistent almost.

  • There’s no desktop version.
  • The remote camera feature is not available yet.
  • Customer support does not offer a call option.

Last Words:

If you compare the features, price, compatibility, and performance of Xnspy with the other apps. Xnspy offers a lot more in a very affordable package. Although it might seem that Xnspy is offering the same features as the rest of the spying apps, it actually gives you a better value for your money. The features work exactly the same way as shown in the demo version of the app. It remains hidden, works silently without hindering or affecting the performance of the target phone.

So, all in all, Xnspy is quite the package of basic and advanced monitoring features with impressive functionality that is more than enough to suit anyone’s monitoring needs.


  1. Ward Butler (XNSPY representative)

    Hey, I agree it could be a privacy invasion to use such apps but not if you are doing that with the consent of your child. In fact, I believe all parents should take a little responsibility for examining the digital lives of their kids. These apps are a gem for putting screen-time controls on your kids. We need that if we want to manage tech addiction amongst our kids.

  2. I am surprised parents are using apps like these. It’s a sheer invasion of privacy! I DO NOT approve!!

  3. Thank you for this honest review. Xnspy sounds like a pretty amazing app. I was wondering if it works on iPhone. Good to know it does!

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