Entertaining Necessity Outdoor Speakers

Entertaining Necessity Outdoor Speakers

If you’ve ever read my about page then you know I love music. Any music. All music. I have music going practically 24/7.  Music relaxes me, just as much, if not more than soft scents and candles.

The only time I haven’t had music on is when I would work outside but I’ve changed that thanks to my iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers.  These speakers provide a clear  360° full-bodied sound that easily gets my guests on their feet for a little dancing.  Plus, they’re waterproof for dancing in the rain. 

Entertaining Necessity Outdoor Speakers

But they’re not just for guest entertaining. The last project I did as far as a deep cleaning was tackling my front and back patios. I took my speakers outside and I was able to listen to my favorite playlist while I cleaned and planted a ridiculous amount of new flowers.  The more I listened to the music, the more inspired I got with my cleaning and organizing of my outdoor spaces.

The speaker set comes with everything needed to use them indoors or out including a charging cable or they can also be charged by the sun. These solar-powered speakers are going to go with me on some upcoming camping, glamping, and hiking trips. They have a nice modern design and there are already stakes included for securing in the ground so I don’t have to buy anything extra to take them anywhere.

Entertaining Necessity Outdoor Speakers

I love listening to the sounds of nature but when my pain level from my failed back surgery, is super high, relaxing music helps put me to sleep.  Being able to have music no matter where I’m at, even while boondock camping without access to electricity, makes these speakers a favorite new addition to my travel plans.

Click on my link in the post to learn more and to purchase your own speakers.  This is one gift you’ll want to buy yourself.

Do you have a favorite playlist for outdoor entertaining?

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