Making Someone’s Day During Lockdown

Making Someone's Day During Lockdown

Social distancing amid coronavirus is a strange and frightening time right now. Many of us are cut off from family and friends, which is difficult, while also not being able to the things we take for granted, like go to work or head out for brunch.

We all need a bit of cheering up during this time, so why not do something special for a friend? Here are some fantastic ideas for making someone’s day during lockdown.

Making Someone's Day During Lockdown

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Make them a TikTok video

TikTok is no longer just for kids. Everyone is getting involved while being stuck at home! If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, a little bit of TikTok humor could be just what they need. From dances to re-enacting some of your favorite TV and film scenes, there’s enough material to keep you busy for a while. Check out some of the best TikTok videos to give you some inspiration. 

Send treats to their door

A sure-fire way of lifting someone’s mood is to send something special to their door. And what better gift to send than some delicious treats? You can order direct from for something special delivered straight to your loved one’s door. Little gestures can really brighten someone’s day, and you can be sure that they’ll appreciate it very much.

Call to make sure they’re ok

Some people are handling lockdown better than others, but you might not always know that based on social media. Calling someone to make sure they’re ok gives you the chance to connect, as well as show them that you’re thinking about them. We all need to be there for each other at this time, and a simple phone call can make all the difference to someone’s day. 

Help them out

Many people are struggling with all kinds of tasks at this time. From being able to get out and fetch the essentials to picking up medication, etc., there could be many people in your life who need a bit of support at this time. Talk to your family and friends to make sure they have everything they need. Even dropping off some home cooking now and then can save them a bit of time – especially if they’ve got a house full of family to take care of. Where you can and it’s safe to do so, it’s good to help others where you can.

The current situation is far from ideal, but everyone needs to play their part to keep everyone else safe. Keeping busy and looking forward to the future can help make it through, as well as making sure your friends and family are all ok. But while worrying about everyone else, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Find some fun things to do during your days like watch movies and take up some new hobbies. The days will fly by, and you’ll get to resume normal life again soon. 

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