New Back To School Nebulizer and Essential Oils

School days are here again and I have been enjoying my alone time while looking for ways to relax amid my chronic back pain.  It’s important to me to take care of my mental health so when school is out I’m ready to help the kids with homework, cook, and do all of the things any SAHM does. One of the ways I take care of my mental health is to destress with meditation and scent therapy.

There is something about pleasant scents that calm me as I breathe them in.

While looking for a different alternative to candles, I came across a post about the benefits of nebulizers on one of my social media sites.  After reading more about them, I decided to give one a try.  More specifically, one that doesn’t use water because I’m the world’s worst at checking to see when I need more water added.  I also wanted one with calming LED mood lighting.  Believe it or not, mood lighting also helps me relax especially during my worst chronic pain days.

After a little search, I found a site that has just the type of nebulizer I was looking for; organic aromas. BTW, they offer a monthly $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway so after checking out my post, head on over to enter.  You’re welcome.

The only thing left was for me to decide which stylish nebulizer would look best in whatever area of my home I happen to be in.  This was not an easy choice as you’ll see when you head over to check them out.

Because I especially loved the look of one, in particular, a little more than the other I also loved, I decided to purchase the Radiance Nebulizing Diffuser® in a light wood finish.  I knew the ever-changing colors would color me happy and the wood reminds me of being outdoors in nature which is one of my favorite places to be.

New Back To School Nebulizer and Essential Oils

Next up I selected some essential oils I wanted to try and all that was left was to hurry up and wait.  I didn’t want to try Lavender because it’s always the first scent I buy.  I wanted to try new scents this time.

I skipped the Lavendar which is always my first choice and I decided to be brave and daring so I ordered unique-sounding organic essential oil scents like rose geranium, serenity, and butterflies breath.

New Back To School Nebulizer and Essential Oils

And oh, em, gee, you must try them for yourself.  You must

And if none of this information has won you over yet… ladies and gents, as surprised as I was, I received my order within just days of checking out on their website.

The same week. This makes it an amazing last-minute gift idea IMO.

I now wake up and turn on my nebulizer to get my day started.  It’s as essential to me as my morning coffee.

Is there a particular nebulizer you like over the others?  Which one?  Which essential oil scents would you most like to try?  Would you do like I did and try them based on the heavenly names or would you pick some you are already familiar with?

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