OoOooOH Baby, Baby! Practical Baby Shower Gifts a Mom-To-Be Will Love

OoOooOH Baby, Baby! Practical Baby Shower Gifts a Mom-To-Be Will Love

Exciting games, delicious food, and fun for all; Baby showers are a special time in an expectant mother’s life.

If you have a loved one who is expecting a baby, finding the perfect gift can be difficult. As the baby products market could grow to 16.78 billion dollars by 2025, a lack of options isn’t the issue. While most baby gifts are adorable indeed, they’re not always the most functional.

Before buying another pair of baby shoes, consider searching for practical baby shower gifts. Not only will the mother appreciate it, but she’ll get a ton of use out of it, too. Read on for the top items on a baby shower gift list.

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers

As one of the top baby shower gifts, diapers will be a hit for any mother.

The average newborn baby will use around 12 diapers per day, which equates to 360 diapers per month. Need we say more? Especially during the early stages of a baby’s life, diapers are a hot commodity.

If the parents don’t have a favorite diaper brand, it’s best to provide natural, hypoallergenic diapers. As all babies are different, their reactions to certain materials may differ as well. Consider shopping for high-quality, well-known brands that have natural ingredients. All of baby hampers contain only the finest baby essentials based on each child’s development stage. For baby gift hampers, just choose the greatest of the best items. Click here to view baby hampers in Sigapore.

Larger Clothes

While those newborn onesies and shoes are adorable, the expectant mother will likely receive a lot of these. As babies grow at a fast rate, they’ll outgrow these cute newborn clothes faster than you may think.

Buying clothes for older, more grown-up babies will make for a top practical baby shower gift. Consider shopping for six months to one-year-old baby clothes. This can help the mother prepare for a fast-growing baby.

Gift Cards

For any expectant mother, a gift card will be much appreciated.

If you’re looking for gender neutral baby shower gifts, gift cards can help the parent choose an item of their liking. Depending on if they’re buying baby boy clothes, baby girl clothes, or a plethora of toys, gift cards are always handy.

Another added bonus of gift cards is that mothers can use it to treat themselves. While pregnancy and motherhood can be stressful, gift cards for stores that moms like are a top gift idea.

Diaper and Toiletry Bags

For parents on the go, diaper and toiletry bags will be at the top of their baby shower gift list. These bags are practical for going to the hospital for delivery or taking the baby on an outing.

Consider gifting a heavy-duty bag with ample storage and optimal design.  When searching for a diaper, wipe, or outfit change, multiple pockets, and sections are key. Diaper and toiletry bags will make the mother’s life easier and make for a top baby shower gift.

Practical Baby Shower Gifts for All

No matter the gender of the baby, there are many practical baby shower gifts that any mother will enjoy. When searching for these gifts at, consider items that will make new parents’ life less stressful and more simple. The expectant mother in your life will thank you.

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