Christmas Stocking Lil Nipper Electric Nail Clippers

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer gift for Christmas or a gift worthy of being wrapped, consider the Lil Nipper Automatic Nail Clippers. These nail clippers have 3 different sizes available for the entire family; infant (3 months – 5 years), child (5 years – 13 years), and adult (13+ years). Be sure to add this product to your baby shower gift-giving list.

I’ve always had trouble getting the kids to sit still to clip their nails but not anymore. Since purchasing a child-size Lil Nipper Clipper, they love having their nails clipped. I love that the LED indicator light shines over the nail slot to aid in the clipping of nails and to provide battery and charging status.
Christmas Stocking Lil Nipper Electric Nail Clippers
I also got one for myself in the adult size. As someone who suffers from arthritis, especially in my hands, these Lil Nipper Automatic Nail Clippers have eliminated the pain that usually comes with clipping the kid’s nails or my own. The adult nail Clippers are the perfect gift for any adult or senior citizen on your gift-giving list. They’re safe to use and the soft grips on the side help make sure they don’t slide while using them.
Christmas Stocking Lil Nipper Electric Nail Clippers
These nail clippers are small, so they’re easy to take while traveling and since they provide a long charge, there’s no need to pack anything extra when bringing them along.
Head on over to check out all of the Lil Nippers and make your Nipper purchase now.

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