Passionate Alternative Business Startup Ideas

Passionate Alternative Business Startup Ideas

There are some jobs you need a passion for that most people won’t do. Yet, if you have a passion for something, you can consider alternative business ideas to make money from it.

Dealing with Matters of Death

Death comes to us all, just like taxes. Yet most societies shy away from the inevitable and consider it almost a taboo subject. And some people cannot deal with it all. This is where you come in. As a strong person able to shoulder the burden of dealing with death, you can help and guide people through it. From becoming an undertaker or mortician to in-home pet euthanasia, there are many jobs or businesses you can begin that embrace the only guarantee in our lives.

Helping People with Childbirth

Of course, we also live in a world full of life. And the population has reached over 8 billion people and counting. That means there is a lot of business to go around when it comes to matters of childbirth. And this is one subject that demands passion and dedication, as it isn’t as easy as you may think. Yet you can offer assistance to expecting mothers as a trained midwife, a clinical psychologist, or even as a less common but trendy doula with a holistic approach.

Alternative Business Working with Intimate Areas

There are many reasons you could work with someone else’s intimate areas. Sexual health nursing or specialist work like gynecology instantly springs to mind. And you could work as an elderly or disabled caregiver providing intimate hygiene assistance. This kind of job isn’t for everyone, yet it can be rewarding given its sensitive nature. Yet you can also use your skills, such as artistry and passion for an alternative lifestyle with intimate tattoos and body piercings.

Foraging and Sourcing Delicacies

If you have exploration skills, you can source foods that are hard to get, and restaurants will pay top money for them. There are many examples of these, depending on where you live. For example, you can catch elver (baby glass eels) on the coast of the River Severn and River Parret in the UK. Or if you live in a more exotic location, such as Italy, sea urchins fetch a great price. And then, of course, there’s the esoteric and tight-knit world of hunting truffles for profit.

Working with “Scary” Animals

Almost everyone that works with animals has a passion for it. And what you consider scary, another person might consider cute. Yes, even spiders and reptiles, since not everyone wants a cuddly mammal as a pet. If you love these kinds of animals, there is a market for using them. For instance, you could specialize in arachnid care. Or present your animals in shows for kids so they can learn. And even the movie industry will pay money for snake wranglers and exotics.


Alternative business ideas are all around you if you have a passion for something. For instance, you can help people through death and birth, offer intimate services, and work with scary pets.

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