The Ultimate Guide to Remote Team-Building Hampers

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Team-Building Hampers

When we said remote work was popular, it is clearly here to stay and grow. Nowadays, approximately 16% of companies operate in a fully remote model. By 2025, over 32 million Americans will be working remotely. So, this makes team building strategies even more important. 

Team building is not limited to in-person events; it extends its reach to the virtual realm. Remote teams, often scattered across different locations, can still build camaraderie through a carefully planned team building event

But there’s more to team building than meets the eye. Events could be paired with a team building hamper for remote workers. These carefully curated packages bring a touch of unity to team members, even when miles apart.

Customized business logo transfers

Most businesses have some sort of branded apparel gift, whether it is a t-shirt with the company logo or a hoodie. But, these gifts can feel intrusive, especially them the person who receives them doesn’t usually wear items in this cut, or when the company assumes the dress size. Instead, there is a better alternative. You could use customized Direct-to-Film, DTF transfers that people can apply to the item of their choice, be it a tote bag, a t-shirt, or a cap. The beauty lies in the individual choice – no uniformity required and yet everyone will be wearing the business colors. The team can proudly display their unique sense of style while still feeling connected by sporting the team logo or a shared catchphrase.

Desk merchandise

Remote work often means team members are isolated from the physical office environment, missing out on the sense of shared space. So, it can be a good idea to include customized desk merchandise in the hamper, such as notebooks, pens, post-its, and USB gadgets. These practical yet personal items serve as daily reminders of team unity. 

Whether jotting down notes during a virtual meeting or keeping their mug warm with a USB mug heater, each use reinforces the bond among team members.

Snack pack

Can snacking be part of a healthy remote work environment? Experts argue that including healthy and yummy snacks in a team building hamper can help remote workers feel cared for. There are some essential rules to follow, such as clarifying dietary requirements first and ensuring that you can customize every item. 

Some popular snack hampers can include energy bars, tea or coffee bags, fresh fruits, etc. And what is the best way to share the joy than to invite everyone to enjoy their snack hamper during a virtual coffee break? Team members can indulge in a unique snack pack that’s been prepared for them, sparking informal conversations and bonding moments. 

Personalized touches

Beyond the main components, consider adding small, personalized touches to the hamper. It doesn’t have to break the bank. Something like a personal handwritten note expressing appreciation or even personalized playlists can elevate the hamper from a collection of items to a truly thoughtful gift. 

In conclusion, you can take your team building strategy further by building the perfect remote team building hamper. Bear in mind that the right hamper content should be thoughtful, non-intrusive, and inclusive all the while being branded. As the team members unwrap their hampers, they’ll not only find practical items but also a tangible connection to their remote colleagues, turning distance into an opportunity for strengthened bonds. Team building has never been so accessible, even when working miles apart.

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