Prescription Sunglasses: 6 Reasons to Prefer them over Regular Prescription Glasses

Prescription Sunglasses: 6 Reasons to Prefer them over Regular Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are an excellent option for people with eye problems. They protect the eyes from the sun and can also help reduce glare. The right prescription glasses can benefit people who spend much time outdoors.

 But there are two main types of prescription glasses: regular and sunglasses. Both types of prescriptions can help you see more clearly. But prescription sunglasses have some critical advantages over regular prescription glasses.

 This article will show why prescription sunglasses are better than regular ones. So, let’s get started.

Why Are Prescription Sunglasses Better than Regular Prescription Glasses?

Several online stores let you get your prescription sunglasses fast. But why should you go for sunglasses instead of regular prescription glasses? Well, there are a few reasons you should get prescription sunglasses. Let’s look at them below:

You get a crisp and clear vision while outside.

As you’re outside, you want a clear, crisp vision to be safe and avoid accidents. But suppose you’re wearing regular prescription glasses. There’s a chance your vision could get blurry or distorted because of the sunlight. This is especially true if you’re wearing cheap plastic frames with poor-quality lenses. 

With prescription sunglasses, you can see even when you’re outside. They have UV protection and polarized lenses that filter out the sun’s harmful rays. This will help you enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about damaging your eyesight.

There is no more glare.

Glare is a significant problem with regular sunglasses. Let’s say you’re wearing them outside. Then there’s a chance you’ll see the glare from the sun reflecting off surfaces. This can make it hard to see clearly. And it could lead to accidents if you’re driving or walking around an unfamiliar area. 

But with prescription sunglasses, there won’t be any more glare. This is because they have polarized lenses that filter out the harmful rays of sunlight. This way, they don’t bounce back into your eyes.

You can customize them.

Who doesn’t love to own something unique and customized? Do you like putting your personal touch on things? Then you’ll love that you can make your prescription sunglasses as unique as you are. 

You can choose from various frames, lenses, and colors to match your outfit or the look you want.


Some customization options for frames include titanium, plastic, and acetate. Lenses can be polarized or non-polarized. And you can choose from various colors, including brown and clear.

 Finally, various lens tints help you achieve the desired level of sun protection. This can be based on where you live and what activities you plan on doing while wearing your new sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses have UV protection.

Yes, the sun offers several incredible health benefits for your body. But too much exposure can lead to eye damage and other issues. So many people consider getting a pair of prescription sunglasses with UV protection. 

The lenses on these glasses will block out the sun’s harmful rays. They’ll also allow you to see clearly when wearing them. Prescription sunglasses also offer a wider range of styles. So, you can find a frame that fits your face shape and personality.

You have various choices of lenses.

As we mentioned above, prescription sunglasses come in various lens styles. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Prescription Sunglasses: 6 Reasons to Prefer them over Regular Prescription Glasses

  • Polarized lenses: These are made using a special process. Therefore, they reduce glare from reflective surfaces, such as water and glass. This can help improve your vision by eliminating distracting reflections. This way, you can focus on what’s important instead.
  • Non-polarized lenses: These are the most common lens for prescription sunglasses. They provide UV protection and help reduce glare from sunlight. But they don’t eliminate it as polarized lenses do.
  • Photochromic lenses automatically darken in response to UV rays. This helps protect your eyes and prevent eye strain. They’re good if you want prescription sunglasses that don’t require manual daily adjustments.
  • Blue lenses filter out blue light. This can show up in your peripheral vision and cause eye discomfort. They’re good if you want prescription sunglasses that provide more clarity and comfort. This is good when driving or performing other tasks that require intense concentration.

It is highly convenient.

Another edge that prescription sunglasses have over their regular counterparts is the convenience factor. You can often get your prescription sunglasses at an optometrist’s office. This means fewer trips to the doctor for an eye exam and glasses fitting. 

You’ll also avoid waiting weeks or months for your new sunglasses to arrive after ordering them.


So, now you know the various benefits that prescription sunglasses can offer. We hope this has given you some ideas about whether you should wear them. If so, talk to your eye doctor about it. They can provide you with prescription sunglasses that will work for your lifestyle.

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