Signs that it’s Time to Change Your Prescription

Signs that it's Time to Change Your Prescription

Even though you’ve had your eyeglasses for a while, you still believe you can see clearly through them. Even while you might think your eyesight is great, there could be changes that you haven’t even noticed. But how can you know when your glasses need a new prescription? Below, we will be discussing the 5 important signs that you must note so that you will know if your current prescription is already due or if you need to have your eyes checked even if you are not wearing glasses. 

Signs You Need New Glasses

Here are five indicators that you might require a new prescription:

1. Headaches

One of the first indicators of needing to change your prescription is a change in eyesight, which most people fail to link to their recurrent headaches. People frequently fail to detect even the smallest change in their eyesight, but they also are unaware that their brains can do so. When the brain is notified, it will strive desperately to fix the issue, but in doing so, it consumes too much energy and finally exhausts itself, resulting in a headache. Nearsighted people frequently have headaches on the front of the head or just above the eyebrow. Farsighted individuals, meanwhile, sometimes get headaches from spending too much time focusing on little details.

2. Squinting

Those who squint all the time typically have trouble seeing clearly. You might not even be aware that you’re doing it until your eyes and head start to suffer, but squinting is a natural approach to increase attention and clarity. But over time, squinting does more harm than good. Squinting causes your eyes to work too hard, which exacerbates existing vision issues. You may require a new double or single vision prescription if you find that you squint more whether reading a book or using a computer.

3. Eye exhaustion

One of the most obvious indications, aside from those mentioned above, that your prescription has changed is if your eyes feel tired or strained. Many different things, from how much sleep you’re receiving to seasonal allergies, might lead to eye weariness or strain. These elements, though, should only persist for a day or two. You will want a new glasses prescription if you constantly feel eye tiredness. This will assist to reduce the strain that you are feeling. 

4. Old Glasses

Since eyes normally become worse with age, it’s time for a new prescription and a new pair of glasses if you’ve worn the same pair for a while – perhaps over a year or two. Therefore, you should go to your optometrist for an eye checkup once a year. Eye examinations enable your eye doctor to adjust or correct your prescription as needed and identify any changes in your vision. Make an appointment for a short exam with your optometrist if it’s been a while since your last visit, especially if you’ve noticed any other symptoms of your vision deteriorating.

5. Blurred Vision

Signs that it's Time to Change Your Prescription

When your eyesight suddenly or seldom becomes blurry and you start to lose focus, you have blurred vision. This may happen in one or both eyes and be the result of a significant alteration in your vision. To rule out any major concerns, such as cataracts, a new prescription, and more testing will be required.


Over time, your prescriptions evolve. You may simply avoid the unwanted eyestrain that results from wearing an out-of-date prescription by making sure that you have an eye check-up annually. Make an appointment with your eyecare professional right away if you are exhibiting any of these five symptoms. They are undoubtedly eager to hear from you!

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