Reasons Why You Need a Crown

Reasons Why You Need a Crown

A good smile compliments your look and improves your self-esteem. Are you discontented with your smile due to an irregular dental structure? Lucky for you, porcelain veneers are available to improve your oral appearance. The Woodlands dental crowns specialists at Scott Young, DDS offer cutting-edge cosmetic veneers to give you a beautiful natural-looking smile.

What is a Crown?

A crown is used as a cover for a damaged tooth. Crowns look like the natural tooth it covers and works to strengthen the tooth and bring back its appearance. With a crown, your tooth is completely shielded from the gum line up since it goes over the original tooth. If you are considering getting one, this Oral Surgeon in chattanooga comes highly recommended.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

There exist various reasons why you might be needing a crown. This treatment covers dental implants, or a dark or misshapen tooth to enhance your outlook. Other than improving your dental appearance, a crown can protect and fortify a weak tooth. If your teeth are weakened by large fillings or decay, they become vulnerable to breakings unless strengthened by a crown.

Most patients are eligible for dental crowns, be it for cosmetic or restorative reasons. Do you consider a crown to strengthen your teeth or enhance your appearance? This remedy grants long-lasting protection for your teeth for many years.

Benefits of All-Ceramic Crowns

Although crowns can be made from various materials, your expert team at Scott Young, DDS, adopts ceramic crowns of the highest quality. Since they look like natural teeth, these porcelain dental crowns offer superior aesthetics.

Your porcelain crowns do not rub against surrounding teeth to wear away your natural enamel. On the contrary, all-ceramic crowns are no more abrasive than dental enamel and can be designed to match your natural teeth.

What to Expect With a Dental Crown Treatment

In most cases, a minimum of two visits is necessary for a dental crown treatment. To assess the tooth’s condition before getting a crown, your service provider at Scott Young, DDS, may take X-rays on your first appointment.

Later, Dr. Young administers anesthesia then files down the original tooth for the crown to attach securely. He then takes a visual of your teeth and sends it to the LVI lab before designing your custom crown. Until your permanent crown is complete, Dr. Young will place a temporary crown over your tooth.

Services Available

Feel free to visit Scott Young purveyor of fine dentistry for an array of services such as;

  •       Cosmetic Veneers- Do you have concerns about deformed, stained, or cracked teeth? Scott Young, DDS, offers custom porcelain veneers to improve your smile and self-esteem.
  •       Oral Surgery- You may be ideal for oral surgery for cases such as overcrowding, wisdom teeth, or a decayed tooth. Call the offices of Scott Young, DDS, for superior oral surgeries from his expert team.
  •       Periodontist- If you seek the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, Scott Young, DDS, entails board-certified physicians capable of alleviating you from this condition and its symptoms.

Are you thinking of improving your general oral hygiene for aesthetics or health purposes? Contact Scott Young, DDS, for consultations, diagnosis, and an effective, customized treatment plan.  

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