Invisalign®: Discover Highly Effective Alternatives for Metal Braces

Invisalign®: Discover Highly Effective Alternatives for Metal Braces®: Discover Highly Effective Alternatives for Metal Braces

Fixing misaligned teeth and related orthodontic complications improves your overall dental health and smile. SPA Dental Group offers innovative cosmetic and general dentistry services in Midtown East, NY, and Downtown Washington, DC. Maham Siddiqui, DDS, Shebani Pahwa, DDS, and Samantha Ben-Ezra, DMD correct your smile through an alternative for metal braces. If you need a rejuvenated smile, call the SPA Dental Group to book an appointment with Dr. Samantha Ben-Ezra in Washington, DC. You can benefit from her extensive knowledge and optimal care with a particular focus on individual satisfaction.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign (which is a very popular method for teeth straightening) is an innovative technology using clear aligner therapy to straighten your teeth. The removable aligners are made of a durable transparent plastic material. Dr. Ben-Ezra customizes your Invisalign to the exact specifications of your mouth for a perfect fit.

You should wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day, taking them off only to eat or brush your teeth. After a couple of weeks, Dr. Ben-Ezra gives you a new aligner that fits the shifts and movements in your teeth arrangement. When your teeth move into optimal positions, your provider gives you a retainer to help maintain your new smile’s integrity.

Unlike traditional teeth straightening options, Invisalign is discreet, clean, and unobtrusive. You may complete treatment without most of your close associates discovering that you’ve been undergoing treatment for misaligned teeth.

Am I eligible for Invisalign?

Your chances of getting flawless results are higher if you start receiving treatment as a child or teenager. Adults can also benefit from Invisalign if receiving treatment from the right hands. If you had braces in your teen years, Dr. Ben-Ezra delivers further help to align your teeth.

Your dentist at SPA Dental Group runs a conclusive evaluation to determine your eligibility for Invisalign aligners and designs a fully personalized approach to deliver highly personalized and long-term results.

What Can Invisalign Correct?

Invisalign corrects various orthodontic complications like:

  •       Crossbite
  •       Overbite
  •       Gapped teeth
  •       Crooked teeth
  •       Open bite
  •       Underbite
  •       Crowded teeth

Extreme dental abnormalities like excessively crooked teeth may disqualify you for Invisalign. Dr. Ben-Ezra helps you explore more viable orthodontic options for your needs.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is a more popular and affordable alignment option compared to traditional braces. The aligners also stand out as an option because:

  •       Clear plastic that is nearly visible
  •       You’re free of irritating wires in your mouth
  •       Removable, for efficiency when brushing, eating, or drinking

If you need to correct bite irregularities or straighten crooked teeth, visit SPA Dental Group for personal consultations to determine your eligibility for Invisalign. Dr. Ben-Ezra drafts you a personalized treatment plan befitting your budget and personal dental goals.

Other Services Offered at SPA Dental Group

You may also visit the practice for:

Preventive care

Oral surgery

Emergency dental care



Teeth whitening

Dental implants

Wisdom tooth removal

Sedation dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

Periodontal treatment

Bottom Line

SPA Dental Group offers advanced solutions for your orthodontic needs. Contact the New York or Washington DC office to book an appointment with a certified Invisalign provider or learn more about the services highlighted above.

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