Reasons Why You Should Try Korean Stores This 2021

Reasons Why You Should Try Korean Stores This 2021

South Korea gained popularity for many things, including food, entertainment, and cosmetics. The next thing we know, the Korean culture is holding the world at its feet. There’s no doubt that Koreans became one of the biggest trendsetters since their culture rose to fame. Aside from music, their fashion sense has always been sophisticated and is one of the most looked up styles in the fashion industry.

Despite the popularity, many people still have reservations about Korean goods, but we are here to provide you with reasons why you should visit a Korean store this 2021, may it be for skincare, clothing, or fragrance. Let’s get into it!

1. Cosmetics are cheaper yet more effective. 

Reasons Why You Should Try Korean Stores This 2021


If you are one of those people who thinks cheaper alternatives are unreliable, you have to try Korean beauty products. The only reason why their products are more affordable is that Koreans do not consider beauty as a luxury. Korean cosmetic companies may have the best technology within the beauty industry, and their innovation is astounding. 

A notable factor about why Korean beauty products are better is because most Korean products are formulated with natural ingredients. You will often see aloe veras, snail mucin, and other unique elements in their skincare products, and you have to try them (unless you have allergies.) 

2. Clean beauty is what they stand for. 

Korean women are specific about what they want in a beauty product. It is also the main reason cosmetic companies cannot just formulate rubbish products, as most of their market is knowledgeable about beauty ingredients. Nowadays, many women are starting to follow in Korean women’s footsteps by standing for eco-friendly products and other advocacies for a more sustainable beauty industry. Also, South Korea made animal testing illegal, so your beauty products should be cruelty-free.

3. They have the trendiest outfit styles. 

Aside from the beauty industry, Koreans are taking the fashion industry by storm. Aside from looking stylish, millennials love it because they can use them for daily and party outfits. Most Korean designers get inspiration from runway fashion and design it into casual looks for women to wear on an average day. There are numerous luxurious clothing brands in Korea, but you can also get cheaper but quality clothes from other stores. If you prefer affordable finds, we recommend you visit Korean online stores. 

4. Accessibility is not an issue. 

Korean brands and retailers have expanded globally. Even though any Korean stores serve not every location, you can easily find them online. What’s good about it is these Korean online stores mostly ship worldwide, and they offer great deals and discounts. Most K-beauty websites offer clothes, beauty products, and personal care products for men and women. You can also avail of free express shipping for a minimum amount purchase. 

5. They have the coolest and cutest beauty tools.

If everything is about aesthetics, South Korea will definitely be at the top. Beauty tools are must-haves for makeup and skincare enthusiasts, and you should not settle for your plain old, boring beauty tools. Koreans have a way of making things more extraordinary, and beauty tools are one of them. If you are into cute and functional beauty tools, you need to look into Korean products. Most of these fantastic products are highly affordable too.  

6. Not every Korean product is about K-pop.

There’s no denying that not everyone enjoys Korean pop. However, it has been a massive influence that helped Korean culture gain popularity overseas. Unfortunately, Korean pop receives a lot of hate that can influence the decision-making of a person. If you are not a fan of K-pop, do not commit the mistake of thinking that the entire Korean culture is made up of their entertainment industry. You do not want to miss out on a lot of great stuff just because you do not like K-pop. 

Final Thoughts

Patronizing foreign cultures can be challenging for some, especially when you are not familiar with their culture. The Korean culture is not limited to beauty and fashion. If you haven’t explored their culture yet, you are in for a fantastic ride. The COVID-19 pandemic might have hindered us from visiting other countries, but we can enjoy their products for now until we can go overseas safely.

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