Roaches be gone. DIY treatment options.

Roaches be gone. DIY treatment options.

Roaches be gone. DIY treatment options.

Oh my gosh.  I saw a roach on my patio.  Now normally, I wouldn’t share this because the thought of bugs creeps me out in the worst way, but just in case it’s happened to you I thought you should know what I ended up doing.  Now, first of all, I do have a monthly exterminator service that comes rain or shine to spray inside my home.   However, it’s left up to me to worry about my outdoor area.  I also have a rental property that I have to worry about. I’m aware that not everyone has an exterminator and if you own several rental homes, or even just one as I do, it could be costly to keep them sprayed.    It’s never a good month with your profit is eaten up with costly maintenance fees of any sort.

In my panic on what I could do myself to treat my patios, I came upon a super helpful site that listed the best roach killer products for 2019.  I also had my rental in mind because I think the hurricane has a lot to do with unwanted bugs in our area. Reason being, I’ve talked to others who have been seeing them as well. Anyway, I picked the Hot Shot Bait since it had a high rating and was described as small and discreet, which I liked since I don’t want an eyesore in my property. Oh, snap, just like that. I used it and then reused it and that was the end of my ordeal. I haven’t seen any since but I have plenty of treatment still from my purchase to treat the outdoors and my rental property again and again if need be.

I talked to our local hardware store before I found this site and they said many people have complained of seeing roaches and *shivers* rats since the hurricane. We were affected by it, you see. I’ve included the link to the site in this post and I hope you find it as helpful as I did.  They’ve broken down each product and what they’d rate them as.  There are so many options to choose from.   I selected a concentrate simply because I thought that would work best for me.  I hope this solves your roach problem as it has mine.  I can’t stand the thought of creepy crawlers near my dwellings.


  1. I am terrified of roaches! Thank God I haven’t seen any around the house lately. We usually get the huge tree roaches at least once a year so I will be picking up Hot Shot Bait the next time I’m at the store.

  2. Omg. Roaches are probably the only other thing aside from spiders that give me the jitters. I hate them! Theyre dirty and disgusting, always dropping roach poop!

  3. Although I’m not a fan of roaches, as long as I can kill a bug with a shoe, I can handle it. Rodents are a whole other thing. They truly creep me out. Regardless, I make sure my house is treated seasonally to help prevent gross bugs from getting inside.

  4. When I was growing up, we lived in poor housing and although our house was clean, those around us weren’t. So when roaches came to their houses, they also got into our. It was disgusting and we were always having our house bombed because our neighbors couldn’t keep a clean house. That just brings so many unwanted chemicals into the house and roaches are disgusting and make you feel shameful. It’s good that you found something more discreet. *shudder*

  5. I remember my bestfriend is so afraid of cockroaches up until now. I’ll check that website too!

  6. Oh I really despise roaches and rats! I hope those pests have long since left your home! I’ll keep this in mind if I get an infestation!

  7. We get them in our garage at night. So I avoid going in there at night

  8. Roaches scare the CRAP out of me!!! So I appreciate this DIY method!

  9. I have a disgust for the insects that creates a repulsion at the limit of the most total digust … so I’m close!

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